What is Connected Construction and Is It Important?

Supply chain challenges. Labor shortages. Cost-of-goods increases. Transportation barriers. These are the post-COVID realities of today affecting many industries in America - and the construction industry is no exception. And yet simultaneously, there’s plenty of demand for construction services. All of these present real challenges - so where are the answers? What is Connected Construction and Is It Important?Just as the issues grow for many industries, there continues to be growth in technologies and their services to aid the myriad issues in business today. And thankfully, this definitely includes construction services. Enter, “connected construction.” So there’s the hook - but what is connected construction, what does it do, and how is it important? Construction today has become a technology and data plethora of information availabilities that serve the industry’s many different aspects. Scheduling. Supplies and ordering. Shipments. Augmented reality to envision construction needs and future buildings. Landscape survey data. Architecture and engineering info. Not to mention costs and spending. The list goes on and on. In fact, construction has so many different types of data, technology services and software, that it can be almost impossible for construction managers and others to get the big picture or understand all of the different technologically available data. Enter the growing capabilities and services of connected construction technology and data. Connected construction does what it says it does - it connects various data listed above to present the big picture on commercial construction projects. And that’s more necessary today than ever. Just as all the data and technology services for the separate, specific aspects of construction keep growing, so does the need to collect it and understand it all together. But it’s not just valuable and desired - it helps fill the gaps of those pesky post-COVID problems we listed off at the beginning of this blog post. Labor shortages are aided by the technology to quickly reschedule and relocate the labor currently available. Supplies costs can be aided by the technology to quickly compare costs or transport other supplies. And transportation challenges can be aided by finding alternative locations or job sites to make shipping closer or easier. All of this requires real-time data and cross-referencing from various applications. This is what connected construction does. And it makes construction firms who utilize it much more helpful, timely and valuable for their customers. Read more about Buildrite’s commercial construction services.