When to Build from a Cold Shell

When you look into buying commercial property, you often look for a building that is exactly what you want – the right number of offices, the perfect atmosphere for your business, and the right location. It’s often impossible to find a space to buy or lease that meets every specification. When this happens, there are several solutions available. 


When to Build from a Cold ShellOften, new construction is an option. You may consider building from the ground up if there are no available properties with the right square footage or that are in an acceptable location. In this case, you may be able to find the perfect location and build exactly what you need, working with a construction firm like Buildrite Construction through the entire process.  This may not be a viable option if you don’t have the budget or time to buy undeveloped land and then develop it or if you just don’t want to plan a completely new construction project. In that case, you can still consider existing buildings as a way to buy or lease the commercial space you need.


You may be able to find commercial real estate as a shell. A cold shell means that the building is completely unfinished. It is a skeleton, and then you would need to plan for a buildout, including adding utilities, furnishings, and other features. A warm shell is a building that has some basics like utilities. In either type of shell, you can create the building that meets your vision by building out the interior to meet your needs.  Cold shell buildings are usually less expensive to buy or lease, and that could save you money upfront. If the only completed buildings in your area would need to be completely renovated, a cold shell may be more cost-effective than gutting out an existing building and renovating it to your specifications. While you will need to pay construction costs for finishing the building, you know that your construction company can include everything you need, including the right utilities, rooms in the right size, and you’ll even be able to create the atmosphere that is best for your business through interior design.  Keep your options open when looking for a new business space. While finished buildings may offer the quickest solution, they are often not the best solution. With Buildrite Construction, you can be sure that your business location – whether new construction or built from a shell – has everything you need and nothing you don’t need. Want more? Read about Buildrite’s commercial renovation services.