What makes an industrial construction company?

Industrial Construction is a very specialized, niche construction vertical that deals mostly with the construction of factories, power plants, warehouses, and other highly specialized facilities. Industrial construction also includes the design, installation, and maintenance of mechanical and structural components in these facilities. But what makes an industrial construction company? To start, an industrial construction company has to be highly specialized to complete this kind of work. Contractors or firms need to have a specific skillset and lots of training. Because the work they complete is so technical, oftentimes they need to employ a variety of tradespeople across multiple specialties. These encompass professionals at all points of the build including design, build or install, and maintenance. The professionals will work together as a team and collaborate with their experience and knowledge across a variety of disciplines and areas of expertise. What makes industrial construction companyAnother important part of what makes an industrial construction company is the use of innovative technology. The construction industry is constantly changing and new, innovative technologies are being implemented. Recently, prefabrication construction has allowed firms to accelerate the construction process, without affecting the final product. This allows them to maximize their customer’s budget and give a great client experience, increasing their own return on investment. Another example is a building information model (BIM), which allows a team to collaborate on improving the construction project before it even starts. The best industrial construction companies or firms have will have a deep portfolio with a proven and successful track record. Their experience will encompass a variety of industries including manufacturing, corporate or offices, warehousing, and healthcare. Companies with this high level of experience and knowledge should be able to produce testimonials of their work and client satisfaction. In many ways, an industrial construction build is similar to a residential or commercial build. The work is divided up among a team of specialists, and the projects are often handled by one contractor or firm. However, there are differences as well including the above-mentioned specialists and niche skillsets. Another difference is the presence of governmental involvement in many projects of this type. Oftentimes, due to the nature and scope of an industrial build the government oversees portions of the work. This can begin at the earliest stages of the build to accommodate fire regulations, sewer/water regulations, and any possible land or environmental hazards, to name a few. As described, what makes an industrial construction company is a unique set of skills. They are innovative, specialized, and have worked on a variety of projects with a proven track record. A great industrial construction company will understand government regulations and comply with them across all their builds. Regardless of the project type or vertical, a great industrial construction company can ensure a successful build from start to finish. Read more about BuildRite Construction's industrial construction expertise.