What is Roll Out Construction?

Retail construction takes many shapes and forms. That even goes for brands and multi-site stores. Whether they’re big box retail, stores-within-stores, mall stores or stand alone, a corporate brand must be a consistent experience across each of its stores. Brands put a lot of work into refreshing, rebranding and relaunching their store consumer experiences. The planning, design, construction and finishing is often comprehensive. Once this new design stage is finalized, it must be executed across the multi-site stores - as quickly and efficiently as possible (since a store with construction downtime is a store losing money). So why is it worth the trouble to the stores to spend money and time on in-store rebranding? Achieving a fresh, trendy experience on an ongoing basis for the consumer keeps the store alive and worthy of the shopping experience. Customers don’t relish taking their business to a stale, dying shop. But what is roll out construction, and what does rebranding have to do with it? Once a store rebrand is verified, built, and becomes an approved look for stores to follow suit, the multi-site construction services can begin. These are called “roll out” construction services and can be executed simultaneously across stores or even over the period of a couple of years. This brand store, roll-out finished experience verifies to customers that their brand shop is consistently growing and serving them across multiple locations. But a lot goes into the roll out construction from a work standpoint. what is roll out constructionRoll out construction, after a rebrand look and feel is ready, can involve updating:

  • signage
  • wall painting and finishes
  • flooring
  • counter tops
  • shelving
  • lighting and other fixtures
  • and even potentially plumbing fixtures.
Because of the amount of work going in, and the need for the store to not be down for business, the roll out has to be done as quickly as possible, requiring an experienced, fast-delivering construction firm. Roll outs are typically renovations to existing brand stores, however the term can also apply to building a new location with the same rebrand criteria. In those cases, the construction firm may be starting from a landlord’s “white box” build out as opposed to a previously finished brand store. In all cases the roll out construction firm must be able to consistently execute the roll out similarly across multiple sites, states, cities - for as many locations as the brand is ready to execute - now or in future. So what is roll out construction? The consistency – and pride – of a store brand being well built across multi-site locations for a great, fresh customer experience. Want to read more? See what it takes for a dependable construction firm like BuildRite to execute white box construction.