What is Design Build?

Design build is a construction development system that streamlines the management of multiple entities involved in a project from start to finish into one point of contact for the client. Bringing together these entities to work in coordination from the start minimizes risks, ensures the best-value procurement process, and helps to avoid unforeseen costs and delays during the construction project. Design build also greatly simplifies the project for clients. How is design build different from general contracting? The biggest difference in the two terms is that design build begins with the design of the building, or the pre-construction process. This is not necessarily a service that all general construction firms, companies, or individuals offer. During a design build, a contractor works with designers, architects, and construction experts from the start of the project to create a holistic view of the final construction. Their combined experience and knowledge of permits, materials, and labor offers a complete solution and timeline that is oftentimes more accurate for the customer. Why use design build? what is design buildThe main benefits of design build are streamlined communication and increased opportunity for collaboration, which creates the additional benefits of improved time management and greater cost-efficiencies. Design build services are particularly useful for commercial clients on tight schedules. The key advantage of utilizing a design-build process is the simplification it provides for the client. Without a design-build contractor, the client becomes the middle man between the general contractor and the architect on the project. A client’s day-to-day business needs do not cease when an expansion, re-design or new site location project is underway. Following a design-build approach releases the client from dealing with the more intricate details of construction. Design build is growing in popularity as it is both cost-effective and simple for clients who want to focus on growing their business, not managing a project. Design build also allows for greater collaboration amongst the construction team. Creation of a fully-integrated team enhances understanding of the challenges and goals, facilitates setting benchmarks for success, and leads to tailored solutions that maximize ROI. Instead of working in separate silos, architects, engineers, and general contractor work together during the pre-construction assessment and initial design process. This early level of communication helps reduce the need for redesign once the construction process begins. The end result of design build is a turnkey solution that provides rapid delivery, better value, better communication, fewer problems, as well as cost savings. Read more about our Design Build Services.