What is Construction “Retrofitting?”

Renovation construction projects are easy to grasp. The reasons for renovation to a building can include improvement, repair or restoration. Renovations can fix elements in a building that no longer comply with building code standards. Renovations can repair or replace building elements which are out of date or damaged. Commercial construction renovations can be small and focused on one specific element, or large and exhaustive to the building in need. Renovations are often lower cost than new building construction and create new value for the building at hand. What is Construction RetrofittingRetrofitting construction work is similar to renovation work. Retrofitting can add new items to the building, such as new tech, equipment or building systems to improve the building overall. Retrofitting can be more focused on building functionality than renovations, which can be more focused on appearance. For example, there are many rooftop retrofitting projects. Rooftop retrofits can lengthen the life of a building’s roof and reduce the need for ongoing heavy maintenance. Another example is seismic retrofitting - improving a building’s capability to compensate for earthquakes or ground motion. Technology continues to improve construction, providing more retrofitting projects which can greatly benefit the lifetime of commercial buildings. Other examples of retrofitting projects include modern energy-efficiency elements, such as better windows, insulation or other items which increase energy savings. These retrofit projects can be as simple as replacing light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones, or as elaborate as putting large, complex HVAC systems in place. The buildings which are cheaper to maintain are those with more energy-efficient elements. These buildings also retain higher value than buildings with less energy efficiency. Commercial construction retrofitting projects can improve buildings with new tech, building systems or equipment - while renovation projects focus more on improving the building’s aesthetics. Retrofitting projects can include seismic retrofits which improve the building’s structure for earthquakes, and rooftop retrofits which improve the roof’s condition and reduces the need for maintenance. As long as technology continues to grow, so will retrofitting capabilities and projects. See more about Buildrite’s renovation construction services.