What Does It Take To Do Commercial Remodeling?

When planning a commercial construction project there are two approaches. The first is to build a new structure from the ground up and the second is to renovate an existing structure. Renovating an existing structure is also known as remodeling. Oftentimes as a business expands, restructures, or even redesigns, they will go the remodeling route; giving their current space a facelift. But, what does it take to do commercial remodeling? Though commercial remodeling is generally a more cost-effective solution than new construction and usually less labor-intensive, it is not as simple as putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. There are still factors to consider including:

  • Condition of the Existing Structure
  • Specific Business Needs
  • Planning
  • Inconvenience to Employees or Customers

Condition of the Existing Structure

Before a project can begin, it is important to understand the condition of the existing structure. If the current building or space just needs minor updates or retrofitting, then a commercial remodeling job should be sufficient. However, if the space needs a massive overhaul of the infrastructure because it no longer meets industry standards or codes, new construction may be more cost-effective. A licensed and insured commercial construction company with a good reputation and years of experience can help determine whether a structure can be remodeled.

buildrite construction at&t albany georgiaSpecific Business Needs for Remodeling

As the structure is being assessed, it is critical to understand the specific business needs for the remodel. Not only should current use of the space be taken into consideration, but also future uses. These could include but aren’t limited to adding employees, increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs, adding technologies, or improving service. Having knowledge of specific business needs or cases will guide the remodel from beginning to end.

Commercial Remodeling Planning

What does it take to do commercial remodeling once the specific business cases have been determined? In a word, planning. In order to ensure the project runs as smoothly as possible, it is important to have a well-tailored proposal or bid from prospective construction companies. These bids should be thorough and include costs, scope, budgets, timelines, and materials. Proposals need to take the size and layout of the existing space into consideration. The plan should account for all usable square footage, and have a plan for any temporary facilities or structures required during the actual construction. A thorough plan is vital for a successful remodel.

Remodeling Inconveniences to Employees or Customers

Even with a well-thought out and executed plan, there will still be some inconvenience to the employees and/or customers during a commercial remodeling project. During this time, communication will be key. It is a good idea to keep employees well-informed of significant project details and to make customers aware of timelines. Ensure that everyone is protected from any potential hazards during the remodel, and establish a plan to minimize disruption to both parties. This could include closing for a short period of time or allowing employees to work from home. When starting a business construction project these are just a few of the factors to consider. So, what does it take to do commercial remodeling? In essence, a good partner. A well-established commercial construction company with a good reputation is a key factor to success. The right partner will be properly licensed, insured, and bonded beyond the minimum government requirement. The right partner can help take a business remodel from vision to reality while saving cost, and minimizing disruptions. Want to read more about remodeling and renovation? See our page on these services, and how BuildRite Construction can help you more!