What are preconstruction services?

Prior to beginning a construction project, there is often a series of preconstruction services that take place. Essentially this is a checklist of available offerings before any ground is broken that helps plan, analyze, and establish any needs for the construction project. But what are preconstruction services?

  • Assessing Engineering
  • Developing an Initial Design
  • Scope of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Outlining a Preliminary Budget
  • Initial Construction Schedule
what are preconstruction services Assessing Engineering – Before design and construction begin, an assessment is made of the current conditions of the space. This would include looking at current electric, plumbing, and HVAC systems to determine if they are sufficient. From here, the project needs can be determined. Developing an Initial Design – Once the area or space has had its engineering assessment, an initial design can be created. This initial design or layout can help a client visualize what the final space will look and function like. It helps ensure that there is ample space for furniture, equipment, and any government-required accesses. Scope of Roles and Responsibilities – Using the initial design and the engineering assessment, clear roles and responsibilities can then begin to be defined. This establishes clear deliverables from stakeholders which usually include the client, contractor, and/or building owner. Outlining a Preliminary Budget – Once the above are finished, they are used to outline a preliminary budget. It is important to note that this preliminary budget isn’t a bid. The initial budget just gives the client an idea, based off comparable spaces and estimates, what the project may cost. Once the contractor and client come to an agreement, a bid is prepared later with more documentation. In the meantime, this preliminary budget can help with financing from lenders and banks. Initial Construction Schedule – After all of this initial work is done, a schedule can be created. Though this isn’t a definitive timeline, it is imperative to have for final decision-making. The initial construction schedule is more of a guide to help give a rough idea of project completion and aides in identifying sequencing and lead times during construction. Though preconstruction services aren’t mandatory when completing a project, they do ensure that a build runs smoother. Preconstruction services also provide education for the client on what is feasible both financially and functionally. So, in essence, preconstruction services are a set of smaller projects that happen prior to construction that allow the client to gather information and begin a relationship with a contractor without having to commit to an entire build. This allows both the contractor and the client to decide if the project is attainable and better assure success. Want to know more about the topic? Read about BuildRite Construction's preconstruction services.