Types of Commercial Build Out Construction

There are some major focuses, or types, of commercial build out construction for buildings today. That is, there are common objectives and explorations for commercial building formats. So when renovating an office, these are valuable ideas to consider for improving the project. But first, what is commercial build out construction? Types of Commercial Build Out ConstructionWhen a landlord seeks a new tenant for his/her building, he/she starts with a vanilla box (also called a white box). That is, the previous tenant’s building customizations are stripped away - often even down to basic floors and white walls - called a vanilla box. Tenants negotiate money for tenant improvements, or TIs, with the landlord. These tenant improvements are the construction required to complete the commercial space to make it move-in ready. That work comes down to floor and wall coverings, electrical fixtures, etc. - everything required to make the space business ready. This work on the construction side is termed “build out.” And there are different major types of commercial build out construction. Consider the following objectives and major types for office space.

  • Functionality: An office space can be designed for maximum functionality - minimizing long walking distances and yet minimizing bumping into objects at the same time. Making a space focus on maximum productivity - while making it comfortable for staff to work in.
  • Ergonomics: Focusing on ergonomics, or human factors, means making office space as comfortable as possible for human activity and work. Largely, this means having industrial equipment, furniture and even fixtures be focused on the ease, safety and efficiency of human use.
  • Creative and collaborative: A creative and collaborative focus in office space construction means making an area as collaborative as possible for workers. This entails fewer boundaries, fewer cubicles and more open-concept spaces, brainstorm-ready conference rooms and marker idea boards on rollers to be available anytime anywhere.
  • Eco-friendly: With today’s environmental trends, offices can have solar power and other methods of consuming less power. More windows and internal glass walls can help by allowing in more natural light.
  • Plant life: Similar to eco-friendly trends, there are office trends today to have more and more real plants and even trees in the office area. Real green life vines and leaves and even waterfalls can be designed throughout an office space.
  • Technology: A technology focus in office spaces today is very common. Designing an office around all the necessary electrical and technological cables can be seen as mandatory by many commercial clients. Also it’s important to design a space with materials for barriers or walls that won’t hurt wi-fi reception. Of course certain occupants will have greater or more specific technological needs than others.
  • Health: In light of COVID-19, many offices have restructured their spaces with maximum separation of employees’ work spaces to avoid the spread of viruses.
With these types of commercial build out construction, there are a lot of focuses to choose from. You want a build out construction firm that has a lot of experience with the various options working on your office space. Want more? Read about Buildrite Construction’s renovation services.