Top Construction Industry Build-out Trends

There are many choices for various trends for commercial renovations today. Whether more ergonomic in focus, or ecological, there are choices to be made before building out. So what are some top construction industry build-out trends? Top Construction Industry Build-out TrendsFirst off you may ask, what is a build-out? When a tenant has been based in a building and seeks renovation, or if an occupant is new to a commercial building, the landlord works with the occupants in the build-out process. Meaning the commercial space is customized for occupants and their specific requirements. In this build-out process, almost everything can be renovated from walls to floors to cubicles and industrial equipment. These renovations are often a piece of the tenant improvement (TIs) agreements with the landlord. Sometimes the majority of these costs are covered by the occupant, sometimes by the landlord’s contributions. But here are some top construction industry build-out trends:

  • Functionality: A commercial space can be focused on functionality – such as minimizing walking distance and minimizing collisions with surroundings simultaneously. Making a space comfortable for employees and also built for high productivity is functionality.
  • Ergonomics: Human factors, or ergonomics, is a focus on commercial spaces to have as much comfort as possible while working. Meaning the furniture, industrial equipment and other elements are focused on efficiency, ease and safety of usage.
  • Eco-friendliness: With today’s environmental focuses, commercial spaces can feature solar power as well as additional methods of reducing power usage (and even reducing costs). More interior windows and glass dividers can aid in increasing natural light in commercial build-out areas.
  • Plant life: As with eco-friendly trends, many commercial spaces today comprise increased live plants and trees. Real vines and green leaves and even waterfalls can be included throughout the commercial space, providing a peaceful yet vibrant feeling to visitors as well as tenants.
  • Creativity and collaboration: This has been a growing trend particularly in offices. A creative and collaborative space is built for workers (as well as customers). In office spaces this means fewer cubicles, fewer boundaries, and increased brainstorm-ready meeting rooms, marker idea boards on rollers, and open-concept spaces to be made available in the space anywhere anytime.
  • Technological: Technology needs in spaces today is a requirement. But it needs to be planned early in commercial space design phases. All the required electrical and technological outlets and cables must be built into the area without being painfully obvious or hazardous. It’s also helpful to construct areas with materials for dividers or walls that won’t hurt wi-fi reception. Of course some occupants will have more specific, or increased, technology requirements than others.
With these types of construction industry build-out trends, there are several options to choose from. You should have a build-out construction firm that has experience with the requirements you have for your commercial space. Read more about Buildrite Construction’s renovation services.