The Advantages of Cold Shell Commercial Space

There are many options available for commercial space. In fact, for tenants seeking commercial buildings, there are so many different types of spaces that it can be mind boggling. It’s not just a matter of looking at finished office spaces for example (which can present enough different options as it is), but there are several different stages of construction finishing available for interiors as well. These can include:

  • Cold shell
  • Grey shell
  • White box
  • Finished
“Finished” commercial interiors can include spaces which have been completed and customized for previous tenants (whether used or not). At first thought, many would expect this to be what they search for, and would select from, in commercial space. But that’s not necessarily the best option. “White box” interiors are actually very popular among landlords and prospective occupants. A white box is a commercial space without occupant-customized finishing. This is a space often with plain, white walls, no custom flooring, plain ceiling tiles and lighting (no customized lamps), no furniture or custom shelving, and of course no industrial equipment. The essentials however all there, such as bathrooms and working plumbing, working HVAC and electrical systems, fire escape and accessibility options and sprinkler systems. What is Dark Shell Construction“Grey shell” spaces include less than the white box elements. Grey shell interiors may include unfinished walls, no plumbing or electrical, unfinished sprinkler systems, incomplete duct work, exposed ceilings and unfinished flooring. And finally “cold shell” interiors, as you might guess, include even less than grey shells. A cold shell space would include no HVAC, plumbing, electrical, bathrooms or wall dividers. It is important to recognize that any commercial building may exist in any of the above construction stages; whether it is:
  • Newly built
  • Renovated
  • An older building in need of construction repair
  • Or just a general building which has no problems
Although at first read it may seem less desirable for prospective occupants to seek out options such as grey shell or cold shell interiors, in fact the advantages to these are that they allow so much potential to occupants - occupants can absolutely do anything they want with them. They can have their architects and construction teams turn such spaces into anything the occupants can dream up - the sky is the limit. And to the right customer, that has a tremendous amount of appeal. Additionally, if a building had previous tenants, there may be reasons to completely demolish and gut the interiors - whether due to over-customization, age, environmental issues, fire or similar damage, or other reasons. The savvy landlord knows the differences between all of these commercial space options, and what construction stages to finish and offer to their potential leasers.This is especially important for landlords because it is a common business tactic for landlords to offer some financial discount contributions, for construction finishing, as incentives to attract prospective leasers. By being aware of his or her market, the commercial demand, and what/how many options exist out there for prospective tenants, landlords can determine the best construction stages to offer their clients in their commercial building interiors. Regardless of the stage of construction required, you want an experienced, knowledgeable contractor who can advise on these stages and execute the work. Want more? Read about Buildrite’s renovation construction services.