Roll-Out Construction Services

Roll-out construction usually starts from an existing store or “white box” finish, or cold dark shell, where a store or office location is gutted and partially finished, awaiting new walls, floors, paint – everything.

Re-Branding, Roll-Out, Refresh

These names can be interchangeable but whether you’re looking to undergo a major re-branding of thousands of stores nationwide, saturate a new market, or just refresh a few of your local offices, you’re going to desire a contractor who can work within your schedule and deliver consistent results.

What is Re-Branding?

Whatever name you want to give it – it’s a commitment to providing your customers a consistent in-store experience that instills confidence in your brand. A re-branding campaign may look like full renovations to hundreds or thousands of stores nationwide. Maybe a buy-out or merger has created a need to move from a previous brand to a new one. It might also be a smaller scope of work to highlight a new product line or maybe just simply a paint and flooring refresh as leases are renewed.

No re-branding program is exactly the same, so partnering with Buildrite Construction gives you an experienced industry partner who can help guide you along the process of creating, managing, and successfully delivering your customized re-branding package. One of the keys to re-branding is consistency – you want your stores on the east coast to match the ones on the west coast. You also want your urban locations to match your rural locations. This can be nearly impossible by hiring locally which is why hiring an experienced partner with national reach but with a local touch is the best way to go.

Why Buildrite Construction?

We wont just complete the work – we’ll help to design and manage your re-branding program as well.


With our national reach we can provide you quality and consistent results over a wide territory. You may only have locations in a particular part of the country or even just in a particular metro area or state. We can create a customized team with the skillset to deliver your specific goals to get your new look implemented in less time than others. If your scope requires permitting, you also have a partner who can handle those locations by managing both the plans and permitting process so you don’t have to.


Handling multiple locations can be a scheduling challenge. We will work with you to create a schedule and flow of work that takes into consideration the following:
Minimizing travel time between locations which improves costs and delivery times

Keeping high priority locations open during re-branding

Prioritizing higher performing stores on an expedited schedule

Whatever your needs are – we will work with you to streamline the process as much as possible and minimize the transitional period from your current design to your new one.

Predictable Costs

We will setup, in most situations, set costs so that you have the assurance of cost predictability in order to minimize  wild swings in costs from one location to the next. This will allow for you to track your overall re-branding investment costs more accurately.


We are committed to keeping our clients up to date on your re-branding program. We will setup a weekly meeting to review progress as well as provide timely project photos, closeout packages, final photos, and punch lists. You need to know that when you call or email your contractor they are going to pick up that phone and reply in a timely manner.

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