Safety on the Construction Site

Whether you’re visiting or working on a commercial construction site, there are dangers that you should be aware of. When you come by the site to check on progress and have the construction crew show you the work that’s been completed, keep these safety tips in mind. 

Safety on the Construction SiteKNOW THE CONDITION

Before you walk into the property, make sure you know what you’ll see. Depending on the stage and type of construction, there may only studs between rooms. There may not be heat, air conditioning, or running water. The builder can let you know the condition of the property and any major precautions you should take.  No matter what stage of construction you’re walking into, it’s best to use proper gear to keep yourself safe. Safety glasses, a hard hat, and appropriate shoes are essential. If welding is in progress or when workers are overhead, these precautions can keep your eyes and head protected. Remember when selecting footwear that there may be nails, screws, or other sharp objects on the floor. Sturdy shoes are necessary in case you accidentally step on one of these objects. There may also be high spaces you want to walk through, especially if the commercial property has multiple floors. When you’re not on the ground, be extra careful where you walk. Use guard rails whenever possible, and keep an eye on the ground in case the builder is replacing subfloors, which could mean the floor is not completely stable or even present. 


In commercial construction sites, you should watch for electricity. If an electrician is running wires, carefully step around any wires, whether you think they’re live or not. You may also need to watch for power equipment being run through the electrical lines or a generator. The equipment and the electricity may be a danger if you’re not careful around it. Construction sites also use heavier equipment, such as forklifts. It may be tempting to help the crew or try out equipment, but it is dangerous to use any equipment before being trained to use it. Some equipment even requires a license or special certification to use. Whenever you visit a construction site – or work in one – watch your step and take all safety precautions. If you’ll be around construction often, check out the OSHA website to find construction site safety information. A good construction company like Buildrite will guide you on your tour of the property and help you be prepared and walk around anything that might be dangerous. Want more? Read about Buildrite’s commercial construction services.