Retrofitting in Construction

Renovation projects are implemented to a structure for restoration or repair or even just improvement. Some renovations are exhaustive to the property in question, and some renovations are smaller, focused on a specific item. Commercial renovation can mean replacing or repairing a space that is in damage or even just out of date. Often renovations fix structures or items in a building that no longer meet building code standards. Renovations add value to buildings and are typically lower cost than new construction. Retrofitting in ConstructionSimilar to renovation projects are retrofitting projects. Retrofitting projects add new elements to the structure or building, but more specifically they add new equipment, tech or building systems in order to improve the building. Comparatively, renovations can often be less focused on building functionality and more on appearance than retrofitting. For example, many retrofit projects are focused on making commercial buildings more efficient - such as installing better insulation, windows or other modern energy efficiency items. These types of retrofit projects achieve low energy usage and can be as complex as implementing new large heating systems or as simple as implementing energy-efficient light bulbs. Of course the more energy-efficient the building is, the cheaper it is to maintain and the higher the value of the building. Rooftop retrofits are another common example - these types of projects can reduce required maintenance and lengthen the lifetime of a commercial building’s roof. There are also seismic retrofitting projects which improve a building’s ability to compensate for ground motion or earthquakes. As long as technology grows there will be more elements in construction which can be retrofitted for improvement. While renovation projects often improve the aesthetics of a commercial building, retrofits add new equipment, tech or building systems to improve the space. Many retrofits make buildings more energy-efficient - which in turn makes buildings last longer, cheaper to maintain, and increased in value. Retrofit projects can also include rooftop retrofits, to improve the condition of the roof, and seismic retrofitting projects which improve a building’s ability to withstand earthquakes. Retrofitting projects and capabilities will continue to grow along with the technology which supports them. Read about Buildrite’s renovation construction services.