Retail Roll Out Construction

In retail, as in other industries, the brand is the image, the perception consumers have formed of a business or product. Consumers develop this image based on the professionalism a company projects, as well as the consumers’ own experiences with the brand or retail store itself; the customers’ takeaways in shopping for or using the brand product or place. The retail brand has many touchpoints – it can apply to everything from logo to signage to packaging to premium/giveaway items to advertisements to coupons to the website and to the physical store. While most of these items are two-dimensional, the retail purchase location is important because it represents a three-dimensional experience for customers – a multi-touchpoint takeaway customers remember more than just a coupon or advertisement. Retail roll out construction services apply specifically to businesses getting new treatment for their stores. When a retail business gets branded or re-branded, it obtains a new look and feel, and whole new customer experience, for its multiple locations. This in-store physical branding is typically set for the corporate flagship store before implementation across additional locations. It is then “rolled out” for these additional retail stores. Retail roll out construction typically takes place in a white box; a generic, unfinished commercial construction interior space ready for tenant improvements (TIs). Roll outs exist for brand consistency, therefore the construction finishing must be consistent across locations – even across the country. retail roll out constructionThese types of construction finishes can apply to:

  • Interior walls and paint
  • Flooring
  • Counters and cabinets
  • Industry- or trade-specific installations
  • Custom lighting
  • Custom ceilings
  • Any additional tailored work such as customized plumbing or other fixtures
The primary benefit for a business of consistent retail roll out construction is a warm, reliable, fresh and professional experience for customers in multiple locations. More customer purchasing means more revenue, and customers purchase where they’re comfortable, in stores they know. So professional, consistent branding means more foot traffic. And more foot traffic means happier customers, which means more purchasing. Not just any contractor can do roll outs; for consistency across retail locations, it’s best to have the same construction company execute the roll out. This requires a construction company that has experience doing roll outs across various locations, and is licensed and has insurance for all necessary locations for the specific roll out project. Retail roll outs are critical because they represent a full, three-dimensional physical experience for customers with the business at its locations. There’s a lot that goes into the roll out so it’s best to get a contractor with solid roll out experience. Interested in reading more? Read about Buildrite’s renovation construction services.