Aspects to Retail Development and Construction in Atlanta

Atlanta is an ever-growing and developing city with lots of opportunity, especially in retail. However, to create a successful retail development, you have to ensure that both form and function are appealing. The marriage of these two things can be the difference between going out of business or creating a loyal fan base. Before putting a retail space or development in the city, there are aspects to retail development and construction in Atlanta to consider. To start, you will want to figure out what type of retail development space you will need. There are several different project types to choose from. Buildouts entail demolishing an existing structure and rebuilding from the ground-up to accommodate the needs of the new tenant. Remodeling and rebranding are revamps of existing spaces. A storefront project just entails creating a new entrance to increase the amount of foot traffic to the space. A turnkey project is one in which the owner builds the space and then turns around and sells it. Lastly, a sustainability project is where a space is upgraded to be a “greener” environment. Retail Development and Construction in AtlantaAnother one of the aspects to retail development and construction in Atlanta to consider is whether you will want design-build construction or not. Design-build construction means that all of the pre-and post-construction happens through the same firm. This includes the design, architecture, and full build. Once you have decided what type of development space you are building out, you will need begin considering which company you want to work with. Look for one that has longevity in the industry of several decades. Also, be sure whichever company you partner with has all the proper licenses, bonding and insurance for Atlanta and the surrounding areas prior to working together. Lastly, read their reviews to get an understanding of how they work. Knowing their communication style as well as satisfaction of previous clients will help determine if they are the right retail development and construction company for your project. All of these are important aspects to retail development and construction in Atlanta, its surrounding areas, or other cities. No matter how large or small your retail construction project is, be sure to work with a firm or contractor who will act as a partner to you through the whole build. See more about our construction projects.