Retail Construction

In the retail industry, the look and feel of a building can be crucial to a company’s success. A retail store’s atmosphere can be the difference between keeping a loyal customer base and going out of business. Thus, the design and construction of a space can echo throughout the lifespan of a company.

Retail construction requires an awareness of the long-term effects of projects, as well as an efficient design and construction phase. In order to meet a client’s advertised opening date, general contractors must maintain a precise schedule. Oftentimes this means ensuring that subcontractors have completed their work effectively and on time.

Common Retail Project Types:

Buildouts: A buildout involves a contractor demolishing the property on a space in order to rebuild one that fits the needs of the space’s new tenants.
Storefront: In a storefront project, a contractor is hired to remodel the front of a store in order to attract more foot traffic.
Remodels: Remodeling includes renovating and upgrading an existing space.
Rebranding: Rebranding, like remodeling, includes revamping an existing property. However, rebranding is less involved than remodeling and is focused on changing or upgrading the look of the client’s space.
Sustainability: A sustainability project is a project where the contractor helps a company update their space and “Go Green.”
Turnkey: Turnkey projects involve a client hiring a contractor to build or remodel a company for the client to eventually sell.

Why Choose Buildrite for Your Next Retail Project?

Over 30 years of retail construction experience has given Buildrite knowledge of the importance of maintaining an efficient build schedule and a strong basis of communication with our clients. We’ve established a reputation as a retail construction company that excels at office space, strip centers, and higher end stores, among others. We’ve worked with clients on a wide variety of projects in 48 different states and have developed a reputation as a reliable company that people can trust for high-quality construction work.

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Featured Retail Construction Project

Dyer & Posta Salon

For this hair salon in Kennesaw, GA, Buildrite was involved as early as the design phase. Our team was proactive in advising our client on cost-efficient solutions to HVAC, plumbing layout, electrical orientation, and fixture selection. Once the design was finalized, our team began interior build-out with demolition to combine two suites into one. Buildrite completed the hair salon with heating and air, electrical, ADA-compliant restrooms, mold remediation, a sprinkler system, custom top finishes, and custom cabinets.

Buildrite Retail Construction Dyer Posta Salon

Buildrite Retail Construction