Rebranding Construction for Today’s Retail Environment

For retail stores today, a brand is everything. It is not just the image, it’s the total experience passed onto the wide audience that visits its multiple locations. It’s much more than a logo on a sign. The brand’s color scheme, font, and fresh look and feel should touch every aspect of the in-store customer experience. Smart brands know this and capitalize on it for freshness and consistency – from signage to countertops to business cards. And it’s not just a one-time event. Freshness and the public eye require updated versioning – they require rebranding – especially rebranding construction in today’s retail environment. Rebranding construction takes on a whole new perspective for multi-site stores versus just one location. Consistency among multiple locations for the rebranding process becomes critical. Details must feel similar for the customer experience whether in Boston, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Georgia or Sacramento, California. It takes an experienced, savvy construction company to provide these services consistently from site to site – whether building simultaneously or a year apart. This goes for stores whether big box retail, stores-within-stores, stand alone or mall stores. Corporations put a lot of time and work into refreshing and re-launching their brands for the total customer experience; it is a comprehensive approach. Once a new design stage is finished and approved for a store’s look and feel, it must be built into the corporation’s multiple store locations – as efficiently and quickly as possible to avoid store downtime (and potential revenue loss in the duration). So why do brands spend all the time, money and hassle on comprehensive rebranding construction? Because a trendy and fresh consumer experience keeps the store alive and valuable for the shopping experience; customers expect it. The typical process is that once the finished corporate flagship store is rebranded and construction is finished, roll out construction on other locations can begin. However this work is not as simple as one may expect. Rebranding roll out construction criteria can require updating in-store lighting and other fixtures, counter tops, shelving, flooring, signage, wall painting and finishes and even potential plumbing fixtures. All of this work requires an experienced, fast-delivery construction firm that knows the rebranding process. Rebranding and roll out construction usually apply to updating existing brand stores, however they can also apply to a new location construction requiring the same criteria and in-store experience. In those cases the building firm would start from a “white box” construction as opposed to a finished retail environment. In either scenario the construction firm must be able to successfully finish the stores similarly across the multi-site locations – for as many as the corporation is ready to rebrand – whether they are all to be completed at once or later. So rebranding construction for today’s retail environment equates to the pride and consistency of an in-store brand being rolled out across multiple locations for a solid, refreshing consumer experience. It’s worth it because the customers value the work and reward the effort. Want more? See what it takes for an experienced, reliable construction firm such as BuildRite to execute white box construction.