“Rebrand” or “Refresh” – What is the Best Construction Choice for You?

A good example of commercial construction is building for retail. Of course retail stores can include mall shops, big box retail, stand-alone stores and pop-up stores or even stores within stores. Retail can represent one-off stores or brands with many locations and buildings. For these, there needs to be a consistent experience for the customer across the various physical brand representations. To achieve this, corporations spend a lot of money and resources to brand or rebrand their stores and customer experiences. Planning, design, building and finishing are the stages involved to execute these activities in construction (and other roles). In order to avoid financial loss from business downtime, all construction work must be implemented as quickly as possible among the various locations. rebrand or refresh construction workRebrand work typically starts at the retail flagship location and then gets approved and executed across the other corporate stores. Rebranding construction can integrate new: Wall painting and finishes; Lighting; Counter tops; Shelving; Flooring; Signage; and other fixtures and finishes. The builders executing the work should be experienced, quick and agile to reduce the business down time for the retail business. After construction completion for the corporate flagship location, the additional stores should also get the rebrand construction. It is common before this final execution for the various locations to receive a built “white box.” A white box is an interior space with white walls, minimized ceilings and lighting, basic/concrete floors and no furnishings. The white box is then built out to the brand or rebrand specs. Since a construction rebrand can use a lot of resources, money and downtime, some companies opt just to do a brand “refresh.” This can be smaller in scope and use up less construction time then a full-on building rebranding process. A brand refresh may also not require gutting to the point of a white box before properly finishing. A refresh may only require such basics as new paint/wall finishing and furnishing. Either scenario requires money and work - so how are they worth it? Rebranding or refreshing a retail store proves its value through attracting more end customers. Retail locations need to retain trendy, new customer experiences to attract new business. Stores which appear to be dying or old won’t attract consumers on an ongoing basis. Retail establishments need to make it worth the visit for repeat customers and increasing business results. Whether you seek a simple brand refresh, or a bigger rebrand program, you want a quality builder with experience to conceive and implement the work across the retail locations. Read more about Buildrite Construction’s renovation services.