Planning Your Commercial Renovation Project

A lot of work goes into renovating commercial buildings, only some of it by your experienced commercial construction team. Whether your construction specialist helps you through everything or you get started on your own, here’s a look at what needs to be done during your renovation project. 

Planning Your Commercial Renovation ProjectPRE-PLANNING

The first step is deciding how much you want to change. Your renovation project may be as simple as repainting, but a retrofit – or a more complete layout and design change – may be the best move. Whatever you decide, looking closely at the building and neighborhood helps you assess what needs to be done and how it might impact the surrounding properties.  You also want to look at building codes, or even have an inspection, to see whether the building has code violations that need to be addressed. You’ll create a budget, find financing if needed, and hire a reputable contractor who is well-versed in commercial renovations, since these are different from residential remodeling. 


Your contractor can help you create a detailed design, work out details that may affect your budget, and finalize contracts. Planning for the commercial renovation means getting permits, searching out building materials and equipment, and finalizing the timeline. This is also where you’ll put a plan in place so occupants can either relocate or continue working in the space during the renovation. This is usually the most important step of the process. Remember not to rush through it, or your project may be delayed later.


Construction is the exciting part! Your commercial building team will keep you updated on progress, discuss final decisions or changes, and take care of all the building work. The contractor will also work with government agencies on inspections. Everything in the building will be brought up to code if needed during the renovation. 


Finally, the renovation will be complete. Your contractor will let you know when the final inspection is passed. Then, you can get everyone settled into their new space and admire your newly finished commercial property. From start to finish, Buildrite works with you to make sure every step of the process is flawless. Want more? Read about Buildrite’s commercial preconstruction services.