Office Tenant Fit-Up Renovation Tips

When a new occupant wants to sign a lease for office space, there are certain things which must be agreed upon - and executed - particularly with construction. “Fit up” represents those construction activities which must be done to make the office everyday business-ready prior to tenant move-in. There should be agreement between the lender and the occupant on how much investment the lender might contribute to the fit-up by reducing the upfront lease amounts. But the occupant will definitely be paying for construction elements - for example for the tenant’s industry- and brand-specific furniture items. The incentive for the landlord is to obtain a long-term tenant. For the tenant, the desire for fit-up construction may be an office renovation - a new construction look and feel to their office space to refresh their work environment and experience. Such an approach can not only energize the workers, but visiting customers as well. But what all can be done in construction from a fit-up perspective? Here are some office tenant fit-up renovation tips. Office tenant fit-up renovation tipsWe expect retail stores to have heavily customized, brand-minded environments for customer experience purposes and to attract new sales. But what about offices? Movements today in space planning and environmental experience are influential on office spaces as well as retail. Great interior design and construction today can be applied to retail and hospitality environments, and to business offices as well. Good reasons for this include the fact that office guest meetings can last longer than usual retail purchasing periods. But even employees spend longer amounts of time than customers inside the office. This means there are good reasons for office renovation to utilize design build trends and services. Some good office tenant fit-up renovations tips include recognizing the value of business efficiencies. These include economy of space, cost savings, staffing and time-based efficiencies. Businesses desire to recruit the best talent, yet it’s also invaluable to retain the talent already hired. There is growing value today on employee health and morale, since these make for more productive employees. An office environment can enhance all of this - a comfortable, good work space can produce a productive environmental experience for everyone working there. And experience-driven design is credited today with influencing and helping grow employee productivity benefits such as creative thinking, collaboration, flexibility, innovation and resource efficiencies. Co-working spaces have continued to grow in popularity since the 2010s, however today they must planned to be very health-conscious as well. Examples of what co-working spaces include are: Well-lit areas; open-concept work spaces (albeit with dividers); optional seating and working locations; technology resource areas; movable wall dividers; glass dividers and windows for transparency and light; optional seating and working stations; creative planning spaces; lack of traditional cubicles; casual seating options; plants and greenery; mobile furniture; old industrial-meets-modern blended areas; and coffee shop options. Office tenant fit-up renovation tips include many approaches which can benefit staff hires and retainment as well as productivity and health. A quality office renovation fit-up design build team can help you. Read more about Buildrite’s design build services.