Office Space Renovation Today

Sooner or later, office space renovation is necessary. This doesn’t mean office fixtures have to be falling apart - often office space must be renovated to accommodate the times, spacial divisions, actual office requirements (such as cubicle, table, general or walled seating), accessibility, energy requirements, electrical or technology requirements, most productive workplace structuring, and more. But there are a lot of advantages to employee productivity and happiness in the modern office which can be achieved from seating options and spatial divisions themselves. So what are some of these options?

Partitioning in today’s office space renovations is definitely not what it was 30 years ago. What used to be thick, physical walls and cubicles, today include options such as temporary dividers which can be raised or lowered, glass or transparent partitions, dividers with greenery and more. Cubicles have been replaced by tables or desks which can be raised or lowered and don’t have tall dividers.

Quality chairs and desks - you want to keep staff comfortable, productive and happy. This means quality furniture - after all they probably spend a lot of hours at your business. However this also applies to meeting and conference rooms. You want your company to be perceived with quality, and this means from outside visitors as well as staff. When clients or other visitors come, you want them to attach a perception of quality to their visit and to you as a company.

Office Space Renovation TodayApproaches in ergonomics are critical to seating but there’s more than that. Comfortable chairs are important for multiple reasons such as employee productivity and happiness - but height transitions are also important for seating for taller or shorter employees. Ergonomics can also apply to the overall workstation. For example desks adjustable for standing and working are common today and help many workers with back issues, concentration, transitions, etc. For these reasons, monitor locations and height are very important as well.

Storage space becomes critical since sooner or later everybody needs it. But you don’t want visible clutter messing up the sight lines of the space. There are options such as maximizing vertical or overhead space, having storage cabinets below tables, and more. While today’s office environment is often termed “wireless,” there may still be a lot of cables, such as server cables, which need to be hidden from view.

Green or environmental inclusions can be important in today’s business climate. They may be important to customers, staff or job applicants (green or environmental concerns are common among millennials and generation Z, if not older generations as well), or even valuable just for overall office comfort and sense of peace. For example office space renovation construction can include more natural lighting (from outside but also through glass interior partitions rather than traditional walls), and plants and greenery throughout the space.

All the above does not exclude important traditional elements such as flooring, coloring, lighting and fixtures. A qualified interior designer or build design team can plan and design an office space interior renovation with all of these in mind for the modern eye and comfort. Want more? Read about Buildrite's design build construction