Design-Build Project: Office Space, Brain Bytes Creative

In the fall of 2015, Buildrite was approached by Brain Bytes Creative, a rapidly growing digital agency that needed a new space – and quick. However, Brain Bytes was looking for more than just additional room for its expanding roster. Coming from a shared office space, it was important that the new offices had a distinct brand identity that reflected their work – a modern, high-tech, collaborative and flexible environment that fostered creativity. When Buildrite first met with Brain Bytes’ Chief Marketing Officer and founding partner Jason Sirotin, he laid out the following needs to our team:

Project Breakdown

  • Project Type: Design-Build
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
  • Size: 3165 sqft
  • Budget: $80k
  • Project Duration: 8 weeks
  • Services Required: Demolition, finish carpentry/millwork, new interior doors and frames, new storefront modifications, metal framing and drywall, painting, polished/sealed concrete flooring, acoustical ceiling modifications and replacements, new restroom accessories, plumbing, HVAC and electrical
  • Vision:
    • A cool space that employees (primarily millenials) and clients will love – modern and modular with a definite “‘wow” factor
    • An open floor plan that also had private, quiet and comfortable break-out spaces – Sirotin and his partners had a basic floor plan in mind, but they were looking for professional and experienced contractors to advise them and make their ideas a reality
    • An appropriate balance between bright and low-light areas
After settling into the new offices this month, Sirotin sat down with us to reflect on his positive experience working with Buildrite to complete his vision.

Building an Identity with Buildrite

Previously, we shared space with another company in a different industry that had a very separate and distinct brand identity. As a client-facing, technology-driven business, we desperately needed a distinct and striking space that captured what we do. From the start, Buildrite expressed an immense amount of enthusiasm in helping us achieve this goal – I always felt that their interest in the project extended beyond their paycheck. They understood that my experience with building construction was limited, and the Buildrite team was very responsive and helpful in answering what were probably some stupid questions. I was also very “particular” about the ideas and feelings I wanted to convey in our new offices, and they took every measure to ensure that the space I envisioned in my head was reflected in the end result.

Design-Build Project: Tech Firm, Brain Bytes Creative

Working with Buildrite Saved Time and Money

During the bidding process, I came to recognize the difference between “value” and “cheapness.” While some bidders came in with a lower project price, nobody but Buildrite approached us with a thorough, well-conceived plan for our success. Buildrite also recognized that as a partner in two companies, my time was at a premium. Their thoughtful planning at the outset meant I didn’t need to be consulted on every question that came up – I trusted their approach. At the same time, whenever I could fit in time to visit the construction site, the Buildrite team would adapt to my schedule and take the time to walk me through their progress and answer any questions. During the course of construction, I learned that building construction does not come without some surprises and unexpected issues. When problems came up, Buildrite would approach me with the problem, the solution and a fair price when necessary. When the cabinets I wanted were out of stock, they did the research and proposed some great alternatives. When I decided that floor-to-ceiling utility poles for our outlets were aesthetically displeasing, they worked through the tougher solution of getting the outlets into the floor. Their flexibility and willingness to meet our goals certainly made a deep, positive impression. Tech-Firm-Construction-Interior

Value-Driven Results

As the office construction neared completion, Buildrite continued to take steps to ensure our success and bring everything across the finish line. Buildrite’s owner, Bryan, actually came in-person to review the nearly completed space and quickly identified a few details that even I had overlooked, such as a few mismatched ceiling tiles that he replaced at no cost. If you’re in the market for a responsive, thorough general contractor that doesn’t cut corners, then I would not hesitate to recommend Buildrite. In the end, the final measure of our success came from our employees, who were delighted when they saw the new space and quickly adapted to their surroundings. I feel like our team is more interconnected and efficient than ever, and they are also proud to work in a beautiful space that represents their hard work. Tech-Firm-Construction-Complete   [blue-quote]