Office Fit-Out Renovation Tips

There are many different options and trends for office renovations today. Whether more ecological in focus, or ergonomic, there are choices to be made before renovation. So what are some good office fit-out renovation tips? Office Fit-Out Renovation TipsLet’s start by explaining fit-outs. To fit out a building also means to build out a building. When an office tenant is new to a building, or when a pre-existing occupant seeks renovation, the landlord agrees to work with the tenants in a fit-out process. This means that the office space is customized for the tenants and their current requirements specifically. This can mean potentially everything is renovated from flooring to wall placement to interior separators to cubicles and industrial equipment. The renovation of all of this is typically part of the TIs (tenant improvements) agreements with the landlord. Sometimes the landlord contributes to the costs, sometimes they’re covered by the tenant. It can be a lot of work for the right fit-out construction company, but here are some office fit-out renovation tips.

  • Make sure the office space allows for collaboration and creativity. Recent trends have been focusing on this a lot in offices. A collaborative and creative office space construction is made as collaborative as possible for workers. This means fewer boundaries, cubicles, and more brainstorm-ready conference rooms, open-concept spaces, and marker idea boards on rollers to be available anywhere anytime.
  • Don’t forget about ergonomics. Focusing on ergonomics (also referred to as human factors) means making an office area as comfortable as possible for human work and activity. Basically this means having furniture, industrial equipment and even fixtures all focused on the safety, efficiency and ease of human use.
  • Form follows functionality. An office space can be created for maximum functionality – such as minimizing walking distances and yet minimizing bumping into office surroundings simultaneously. Making a space comfortable for staff while also focusing on maximum productivity is achievable and we call it functionality.
  • Meet technology needs. Technology needs in offices today is expected. But it needs to be conceived in the early office design phases. All the necessary technological and electrical cables need to be built into the space without being too obvious. It’s also invaluable to build a space with materials for walls or separators that won’t inhibit wi-fi reception. Of course some tenants will have more, or more specific, technological needs than others.
  • Eco-friendly spaces work. In today’s environmental cares, offices can have solar power as well as other ways of consuming less power and saving money. More internal glass walls and windows can help by ushering in increased natural light.
  • Use more surrounding greenery. Like the eco-friendly trends, many offices today have more and more real trees and plants in the office area. Real green leaves and vines and even waterfalls can be incorporated throughout the office space, providing an overall vibrant and peaceful feeling to the occupants and visitors.
With these types of office fit-out renovation, there are a lot of options to pick from. You should have a fit-out construction firm that has a lot of expertise with the options you want for your office space. Want more? Read about Buildrite Construction’s renovation services.