Preparing an Office Fit Out Project Plan

An office fit out means taking an unfinished space and finishing it to make it move-in ready, such as for office building tenants. But for tenants, especially those new to a fit out project, this can seam a stressful project to get through. There are important decisions for an office fit out project plan, such as the size of the office space: Is the interior space expanding? Are there more or less individual rooms? Of course the space should be large enough for the period of lease and growth. And it is critical for tenants to identify the goal of the fit out. Here are some example objectives questions for your office fit out project plan:

  • Is it for office rebranding?
  • Is it for employee growth?
  • To keep up with modern work environment trends and style?
  • To create an office space which is more productive or comfortable for employees?

It is important to list the fit out goals, and perhaps even to survey employees, to achieve the finished desired fit out specifics for the project.

It helps to write down the size of the staff and what they will need to do their work, and base size expectations on that. Next it can help to sketch out options and different versions for this interior space, with different designs for arranging office and staff - and you can get employee input as well. This can help you think through how the office furniture will effect the space. Elements should be considered such as carpet or dividers because they will effect acoustics as well as heating and air and overall office “flow”. A design build team or interior architect can help you with all of this.

In your decision making, ensure your choices go toward your goal. For example if you wish to provide a more comfortable, productive work environment for employees, don’t re-use the same furniture you had before. If you are re-branding, you probably can’t reuse the same fixtures and signage. And always keep in mind quality; old, run down furniture and fixtures will look out of place in a new fit out space. All of these considerations and questions should go into the checklist for your office fit out project plan.

Office Fit Out Project PlanThere are additional details to add to your office fit out project plan to get a move-in ready space, such as:

  • Wall paint colors
  • Type of lighting fixtures
  • Carpet or types of flooring
  • Window coverings or blinds
  • Signage
  • Shelving and furniture

Obviously there are a lot of details to an office fit out - and they should all be written down in advance for your office fit out project plan. Identify your goals and ensure your renovation details adhere to your objectives. Staff input, an interior architect and/or design build team can help as well. Want more? Read about Buildrite's design-build services.