What the Best Office Construction Companies Do

Branded experiences aren’t only for retail stores; just as shops utilize in-store branding to appeal to the senses of their customers, today’s corporations often attempt to apply branding to their employee offices. And the best office construction companies know it – they build them. Today’s businesses want branded color palettes and styles for wall colors, signage, furniture and fixtures to provide for the overall office experience. But it’s not just style and colors that have changed. Tech companies like Google and Facebook are notorious for re-inventing the office space. They have started the open format co-working office model. And many others of today’s tech and other companies have requested these types of creative building from their office construction company. Millennials desire these office models for collaboration and other work benefits – and businesses are wising up to this fact. Baby Boomers invented the cubicle farms and desired more privacy, but companies realize that they are retiring, so they seek to pull Millennials for the long term. And office construction companies are building these new office environments. Companies are building with these models in mind to create a more “fun” work environment for Millennials, who often prize such work experiences over additional income. Another benefit of this open format model is cross-departmental collaboration. While traditionally departments have closed and sheltered themselves from each other, in today’s model those walls are gone. Past misunderstandings between sales and marketing or other departments can be avoided by everyday employee “run-ins”. It’s easier to solve problems and even spark new ideas when collaboration is a goal of the office environment. Office Construction CompaniesAttributes of these more flexible office models include: • Fun break areas with options such as video games, • Couches and lounge chairs, • Cafe tables and chairs (raised), • Relaxed coffee shop style open break rooms, • Multi-seating pods, • A lack of walls, or lower cubicle walls, • Raised desks for standing, • Collaborative stations, • Multiple levels of flooring for area separation (as opposed to closed-off rooms), • Increased windows, even in the interiors, over traditional offices, • Interactive meeting rooms with moveable walls, • Conference rooms with marker walls and options for standing and sitting, • Fewer confined cubicle desks, more tables, • More ergonomic table options, • and phone booths to reduce audio disruption in open environments. Besides collaboration, another benefit of the open format is transparency and sunlight. Larger windows rule the building – along with interior glass dividers. Often, employee seating is positioned around the perimeter of the interior and glassed-in offices and meeting rooms exist in the center. With this model sunlight can easily spread throughout the whole interior. While this model may be preferable to younger companies and techs, it may not be for everyone. Many introverts and Baby Boomers still like their privacy and may thrive in a more traditional space. So traditional office building models still have a place – and the right office construction company can build multiple business office models – even from a design-build standpoint. For multiple reasons, businesses want a construction company that can fit various needs. And those needs may include company branding, seating options, transparency or privacy and more. In today’s business world, it’s all about keeping employees happy and productive. Read more about BuildRite’s ground-up construction services.