When Do You Need a National Rollout Contractor?

National retail stores require national rollout contractors. Retail is an obvious, but not the only, industry that needs such construction providers. But what is a rollout, and what constitutes a national rollout contractor?

In many industries, a company’s brand can be its representation to the public. But at the end of the day a company’s brand is more about the audience - how the consumer base perceives that company and projects its experiences onto it - rather than the company’s attempts at portrayal exclusively. That said, it’s still critical that the company or store put on a good face for its customers. What the audience takes away still somewhat is influenced by the projected image the store or company puts out. For example a company with unprofessional staff will obviously not leave a good impression on its customer base. A store with poorly designed, hard-to-read signage will repel customers.

national rollout contractorCustomers’ take-aways of a company’s brand can be influenced by their:

  • Interactions with staff and professionalism
  • Experiences at the office or store
  • Usage of the product or service itself
  • Experiences with 3rd party or affiliated providers
  • Costs or payment experiences surrounding the product or service
  • Views of promotions, signage and brand image presentations
Many of these touchpoints can occur at the location (store or office) itself. The location is critical because it represents a three-dimensional, multi-touch, total immersion experience for the consumer involving the provider company. But how can companies best have a positive, consistent brand impact on their multiple locations? With the help of a national rollout contractor this can be accomplished. Rollout construction services specifically apply to companies obtaining new look-and-feels implemented for their multiple stores or offices. When a company gets branded or re-branded this affects their locations’ signage and customer experiences as well. Usually the in-store branding is applied to a flagship store or office first and then spread to additional locations. The construction is “rolled out” to the multiple stores or offices. Prior to rollout construction, typically buildings receive white box construction; generic contractor work ensuring the basics - such as HVAC, concrete flooring, walls and doors - are done first. Then the location is ready for Tenant Improvements, or in this case rollout contractors to make the location move-in ready and branded for the company. The goal for rollout construction is a consistent, branded, professional image and experience for the audience to engage with in their company interactions. Which in turn increases positive audience physical interactions with the brand and therefore increased purchasing. Obviously consistency across locations is vital; so it’s best to have the same national rollout contractor do the work across the multiple locations. Therefore this requires a construction company with experience in many rollouts for many clients and locations. Also there are requirements for the contractor such as licensing and insurance for the necessary locations. National rollout contractors are of great value because they have huge impact on companies’ brand image and their customer experiences across the U.S. (or even just across a city). A lot goes into rollout construction so it’s wise to get a construction provider with great rollout experience. Read more about Buildrite’s rollout experience and services.