Modern Methods of Construction

Modern methods of construction help the overall commercial construction industry with time and cost reductions for so many projects. This makes these methods more than worth knowing about and applying whenever possible. Although there is an almost endless list of these modern methods of construction, there are some which are most common and usable.

Modern Methods of ConstructionModular construction applies to entire 3D modules fabricated offsite before then being brought to the construction site for integration into the building project, module by module. This can also be called 3D volumetric construction. These modules can either be finished before transportation to the construction site, or else finished on-site during assembly.

Precast flat panel system construction is used where walls and floor units are made off-site and brought to the construction site to be placed into the building project.

Precast concrete foundations are modern methods of construction which consist of elements constructed separately off-site in a factory and assembled at the construction site. In this case the foundation is supported by concrete piles - which are connected to the precast concrete in assembly. Precast concrete foundations are especially good for construction in areas of extreme weather.

Twin wall technology represents a wall system combining construction speed and precast concrete with a highly dependable concrete structure. Not only does this technique offer great structural integrity, but waterproofing for the structure as well. Twin wall technology is comprised of two slab walls separated by lattice girders. The twin walls start by being placed in the site and propped up, then joined by reinforcing and the gaps filled with concrete. Twin walls technology typically applies to precast floor construction.

Flat slab construction applies to concrete slabs in construction supported by concrete columns without beams. The load of slab is placed on columns and square-shaped slab drop panels. These drop panels increase the strength and space of the flooring system. Flat slab construction can be faster for building and therefore more economic, as well as being more energy efficient than other construction methods.

Insulating concrete formwork system involves twin walled panels which are either polystyrene panels or blocks. These become the walls of buildings. The formwork is filled with factory-produced ready-mix concrete. The results of insulating concrete formwork are better thermal and sound insulation.

Concrete floors and walls are another modern method of construction. Concrete or cement floors can be treated with a variety of finishes, making them cost-effective and easy for cleaning. Concrete walls typically apply to retaining walls, seat walls, interior wall finishes and exterior decorative walls.

Precast cladding panels represent a layer of material installed over another to help keep out bad weather from the building. The cladding panels don’t need additional waterproofing - they are themselves water- and wind-proofing for the final constructed building.

There are countless modern methods of construction, but some of the most common and helpful for cost and time purposes include modular construction, precast flat panel system, precast concrete foundations, twin wall technology, flat slab construction, insulating concrete formwork, concrete floors and walls, and precast cladding panels.

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