What to Look for in Remodeling Contractors

In commercial construction, whether building from the ground up or remodeling, a contractor can ensure the success or failure of a project. So, it is critical that you pick the right one. Contractors are responsible for a project from beginning to end. This includes but isn’t limited to creating the bid, planning the project scope, ordering materials, obtaining permits, scheduling inspections, and managing the actual build. But how do you choose the ideal one? Here is what to look for in remodeling contractors.

Contractor Reviews

A good remodeling contractor will have many positive reviews and referrals. Be sure to check the reviews for specifics on timeliness, quality, site cleanliness, and handling unforeseen issues. It is almost inevitable that something will go wrong during the build, so knowing they can react appropriately to problems is important. Reviews also give you a good idea of the types and quantity of projects the construction company has handled.what to look for in remodeling contractors

Contractor License, Bonding, and Insurance.

In order to protect yourself and your project, be sure to select a remodeling contractor who has all the proper licenses, bonding, and insurance required by the governing agencies of the area. This would include state and local ordinances. You can ask for proof of these or check the insurance policy. Their insurance company will be able to give you a verification of that policy and what it entails.

Longevity and Awards

Though it may not seem like it, longevity is an important part of what to look for in remodeling contractors. An experienced company, with decades under their belts, is able to create a comprehensive bid and will likely be in good standing with previous clients, and government agencies. Also, look for any awards or recognition they have received. This could include a high CBRE contractor score, or vendor and business of the year awards from different organizations.

Communication in Bids and Remodeling Processes

How a remodeling contractor communicates during the bid process is a good indicator of how they will communicate during the project. Look for a contractor who is collaborative, listens to concerns, and answers questions thoroughly. They should answer emails or calls in a timely manner and with professionalism. Lastly, their bids and contracts should be written with clear parameters for the project. This includes scope, costs, materials, and necessary legal clauses. Though a remodeling construction project isn’t as big of an undertaking as a ground up construction job, it is still paramount to do your research prior to choosing a contactor or company. Reviews, licensing, bonding, insurance, longevity, and awards are a great start to finding the right one. Once you have your shortlist and begin to engage with them, be sure to take note of the communication skills. Use this guide as what to look for in remodeling contractors, and you will be sure to find the one best suited for your project. Want to know more? See BuildRite Construction’s remodeling contracting services page.