What to look for in a general construction company in Metro Atlanta, Georgia

The Southeast is home to one of the largest cities in the United States – Atlanta, Georgia. It is the headquarters of many companies, and is a booming metropolis that gets bigger each year. With a thriving business economy and a growing population, construction is inevitable. Perhaps your business is already here and needs an upgrade or expansion, or maybe you are looking to move here and build a new site. Either way, choosing the right partner is important. In order to accomplish this, you need to know what to look for in a general construction company in Metro Atlanta. To start, research general construction companies in the area. Remember that these are companies or firms that manage all aspects of a project or build. This includes conception and design, obtaining building permits, hiring and supervising any and all subcontractors, and scheduling any necessary inspections. Use reviews and ratings sites to help eliminate any firms that may have a high amount of complaints or have been accused of “scams” or “ripping-off” their customers. What to look for in a general construction company in Metro Atlanta, GeorgiaAnother tell-tale sign that you will be working with a good company is their staying power. Essentially, the longer they have been in business, the better off you are. Firms who have decades of experience in Metro Atlanta not only are familiar with the city, but also the requirements of the governing agencies. This includes licenses, insurance, permits, and bonding. Be certain that whomever you choose has the appropriate documentation for each of these items before and during your project. Check for companies who have been recognized by regional Chambers of Commerce. Though winning awards may not seem like a huge deal, getting recognized by local agencies shows that a business is plugged into the community. While you are researching this, check their CBRE Contractor score. For reference, the top rating a company can earn is 2500. Lastly, look at the portfolios of potential firms. Get an idea of how many general construction projects they have actually done in the Metro area. Did they take these projects from conception to completion? When was the last time they built in the area? Their body of work should be substantial and the company should be proud to showcase it. Remember, when hiring a general construction company, you are hiring a partner for the duration of your project. These are just a few tips in what to look for in a general construction company in Metro Atlanta area of Georgia. Whether your build is big or small, be sure to choose a firm that will communicate well, follow all local and state ordinances, has longevity, and will take your project to from its first idea to its final touches. Want to see how BuildRite Construction performs as a general construction company in the metro Atlanta area? See our testimonials page.