Office Interior Fit Out Construction Planning

We all know business offices must be built or renovated. But this is a multi-step process with a lot of moving parts and pieces. A typical office build gets to the point of a “white box” with an interior which can be finished to tenant specifications - this completion of an unfinished interior space is called a “fit out”. Because of the important multiple stages and parts involved, the decision making process for tenants can be slightly stressful. It helps to identify answers to important questions upfront, such as those pertaining to the size of the office space. Will there be more or fewer individual rooms in the renovation or fit out? The space should be big enough for growth and the lease period - does the interior space need to expand? The objectives of the tenant finishing should be clear, such as: Is the fit out for employee growth? Is it to keep up with modern style? Is it for business rebranding? To keep up with environmental trends and efficiencies? Is it to generate a more comfortable and productive space for employees?

Listing out these goals, and perhaps surveying staff for input, can help achieve the best fit out project results. Documentation can be very helpful as well on the size of staff and what is needed for their best work environment; office and room size expectations can be based on these details. A good next step is to sketch out versions and different options on the office interior space, with various sketches for staff and office arrangements. Staff input can help with this as well. And all of this can help guide details such as furniture placement and how that affects the office areas. Office attributes like room dividers and carpeting should also be considered in planning since they will impact elements such as the acoustics, overall air and traffic flow, and heating and air. An interior architect or design build team can help with all of these design considerations.

Interior Fit OutHere are some details for tenant improvements for your office fit out project planning:

  • Types of lighting fixtures
  • Window coverings/blinds
  • Wall colors or textures
  • Flooring/carpets
  • Branding/signage
  • Shelving
  • Furniture

All of your choices should fit your objectives. If you are going through a business re-brand, you most likely can’t use the same old signage and fixtures. If your objective is to generate a more productive and comfortable work environment for staff, then don’t re-use the old furniture. And many of your original office elements will look out of place in a new space anyway.

All of these considerations are important to your office fit out planning stages and execution. The more that can be planned and documented in advance can help the total fit out process and final results. Make sure each step of the way is on track with the original objectives. Be sure to get help from highly qualified professionals. Want more? Read about Buildrite Construction's design build services.