Light Industrial Construction

Light industrial construction is the design and construction of large, often highly specialized projects such as office and warehouse storage, shipping facilities and manufacturing facilities. Each space is built from each clients’ custom specifications to match the needs that fit their business processes.

Because of the the specificity involved with these projects, industrial construction is a niche segment of the industry that requires highly trained employees with a keen attention to detail, impeccable communication across all teams, specialized equipment, and strict safety regulations.

Light Industrial Construction Services

  • Office/warehouse build outs and renovations of existing spaces
  • Occupied renovations that allow client to remain operational
  • Erecting structural support systems
  • Pipe labeling and installation
  • Mezzanine installation
  • Equipment installation and alignment
  • Mechanical insulation installation
  • Internal and external scaffolding
  • Any other specialized construction or installation specified by client

Why choose Buildrite for your next project?

We employ only experienced professionals who are able to construct projects as large and as complicated as our clients are able to imagine them while still maintaining a safe job site. Every project has a project manager and on-site supervisor dedicated to ensuring your project runs smoothly and follows the appropriate government regulations and safety protocols so you can focus on your business. We pride ourselves on maintaining an organized and safe work space that has resulted in over 30 years of successful construction projects.

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