Identifying the best renovation contractors in the southeast

In commercial construction, there are two major types of builds or projects. They are ground up and renovation. Ground up commercial construction refers to projects that are full builds. This means there is no existing structure in place and one has to be built. In commercial construction, renovation projects are those which take an existing structure and remodel them to modernize the infrastructure and/or give the space an aesthetic facelift. Typically, renovating is more cost-effective than new construction, and can be less labor-intensive. However, it can vary from region to region depending on building codes. So, here are some tips for identifying the best renovation contractors in the southeast.

  • Longevity
  • Portfolio
  • Licenses, Bonding, and Insurance
  • Reviews and Awards

Identifying the best renovation contractors in the southeast


As you begin your search for renovation contractors, pay attention to how long a company has been in business. Look for a firm with decades of experience that can take a project from conception to completion. Longevity can help ensure that the contractors have been in good standing with their clients, and with governing bodies. Years of documented experience weeds out any contractors whose businesses may have folded due to poor project or client management and are now operating under a new name.


When identifying the best renovation contractors in the southeast take a look at the portfolios of potential partners. There should be a variety of project scopes, and styles included. The portfolio needs to showcase a firm’s ability to take a remodel from beginning to end, overcoming any issues along the way. A well-rounded portfolio will also give you an understanding of the contractor’s capability of working with different design styles.

Licenses, Bonding, and Insurance

No matter how long a commercial remodeling contractor has been in business or how great their portfolio is, do not consider them if they aren’t properly licensed, bonded, and insured. At the bare minimum, they should meet all of the requirements of the local, state, or federal governing bodies that oversee their business. You can also request an insurance verification from the contractor’s insurance company. Be sure to read the policy thoroughly, ensuring that it is up-to-date and that you are protected if a problem arises.

Reviews and Awards

Lastly, take a look at their online reviews and ask for referrals from previous customers. These gives insight into project satisfaction as well as how the contractor interacts with their client. Look for reviews that highlight communication style, cleanliness, and how any problems were handled. Also, search for any awards or ratings the business may have. This could include a DBRE Contractor Score in which a contractor receives a point rating up to 2500, or any distinguished awards from their local governing bodies. Reviews and awards help showcase the best of what the business has to offer their clients. Regardless of what region of the country you are planning your renovation. It is important to choose the right contractor for your job. Though these tips can help when identifying renovation contractors in the southeast, they could easily be replicated to other parts of the country. Remember that during the duration of your remodel, your contractor is your partner, so be sure to pick one that sees your vision and can carry it out from conception to completion. Want to read more about renovation? See BuildRite Construction’s services in this area.