Identifying the best construction and building companies in the Southeast

When you are starting a construction project, whether it’s from the ground-up or retrofitting an existing structure, you will want to ensure you are picking a great company to work with. During the duration of your project, this construction company or general contractor is your partner, so it is important to do your research and make sure that you are picking the right group for the job. Here are some tips for identifying the best construction and building companies in the Southeast. To start, search for construction firms that are licensed to work all over the Southeast. These companies will be able to show their proper licensing, bonding, insurance, and any other state or local government requirements to work in those areas. You will want to ensure that their insurance is comprehensive and in good standing; this will protect you and your project in case something occurs during the build. To do this, you can request insurance verification from their provider. Identifying the best construction and building companies in the SoutheastNext, look for companies that have been recognized or won awards from national and local entities. These can include any kind of award from a local chamber of commerce or local media outlets. Also look for companies with a high financial rating from Dun & Bradstreet, a corporation that specializes in reporting on the financial wellness and credit of businesses, as this will give you a good idea of how they handle the monetary portion of their business. It can help you determine their fiscal responsibility as well prior to entering in a partnership. Lastly, check their CBRE Contractor Score. This score measures a contractor’s management capacity as well as their short-term financials. For reference, a 2500 is considered a perfect score. These two tips should narrow down your list in identifying the best construction and building companies in the Southeast. From there, begin reading reviews of your short list of contractors or firms. Reviews will include information that helps you determine not only how the contractor would function as a partner during your build, but also overall client satisfaction. Word of mouth and written reviews give you an opportunity to gain insight into other projects and how the contractor handled any issues that arose, how clean and safe they kept the site, and their ability to keep a project on time and budget. Remember that during any build, the contractor or company you choose becomes your business partner. It is essential to do your research and pick a firm that communicates well, has great reviews, has some awards to their name, and has all the proper licensing necessary to work anywhere in the Southeast. If you check all of these items, you are well on your way to identifying your construction partner. From here, you will want to interview companies, look at their portfolios, and start gathering bids. Pick the company you are most comfortable with and feel like your partnership will be successful. Want more? See info on the benefits of ground-up construction.