Identifying the best commercial builders in the southeast

Commercial construction projects, whether renovations or ground-up builds, are a big undertaking. A quick online search will show thousands of companies that offer construction services. Paring down all of these choices can be completely overwhelming. So, how do you choose the right company for your job? First, you will want to narrow down to companies who are qualified to build in the region in which your project will take place. Here are a few tips for identifying the best commercial builders in the southeast. To begin, do your research. Online testimonials and reviews are a great start. These reviews will give you a quick glance into the client satisfaction of the company. You will get basic insights into the quality of their work as well as the company’s professionalism. Also look for any third-party ratings they have received or awards won. Use these as a culling tool to pick a first round of choices as reviews and awards are not enough to hire a company. Secondly, you will want to look for experience. Your best bet are companies that have decades in the industry. This will help ensure that they have maintained good business practices. The construction firm should not only have longevity in the industry and a well-rounded portfolio but also have built your specific project type before (i.e. school, restaurant, retail center, etc.). Don’t take a chance on a company who only thinks they can do the work. identifying the best commercial builders in the southeastWhen you as a potential client begin conversations with firms, go beyond surface questions and get a deep understanding of how the company operates. Get a feeling for their knowledge, professionalism, and communication skills. Pick a firm that is willing to work with you to bring your vision to life while being mindful of your budget and time. Get a comprehensive bid that includes project scope, costs, materials, labor, and timelines. When identifying the best commercial builders in the southeast, their portfolio should showcase projects completed in the twelve states that encompass the region. The builder should, at minimum, have all the licensing, bonding, and insurance required by local governing agencies. Be sure to request verification of the insurance and read the policies as they may differ from company to company. Lastly, before you sign a contract, get a feeling for the builder’s customer support. Typically, commercial construction projects can take months to complete so it is important for the company to maintain open lines of communication with you, the client. They should be available throughout the build to answer questions or make any adjustments needed. A client’s peace of mind should be a top priority. Whether your project is large or small, these tips will help you in identifying the best commercial builders in the southeast or any region. Do your research, ask questions, and work with a builder who has decades of experience, a large portfolio, and keeps your satisfaction at the top of their priority list. Want to see how BuildRite Construction stacks up as prominent commercial builder in the southeast? See our testimonials page.