How to Identify the Best Design-Build Contractors in the South

Design-build construction is a term used to classify construction projects that are completed end-to-end by one general contractor or contracting firm. This means that the firm or contractor works with other industry professionals and specialists to create a complete solution for their customer including design, pre-construction, and the completion of the actual build. Design-build oftentimes benefits the consumer by reducing the timeline and cost of labor due to the ability to create a more accurate materials cost and labor assessment. But how do you go about identifying the best design-build contractors in the South? To begin, do a little online research to narrow down general contractors or firms that actually complete design-build projects, as this is not necessarily a service that all companies, individuals, or firms offer. From there, ensure that your shortlist has all the necessary licensing and insurance requirements for the area of the south where your project is based. The firm or individual should, at minimum, have fulfilled all of the requirements of the project area’s local governing body. You can also request an insurance verification from their provider to ensure that they are carrying the appropriate amount of insurance. Identify the Best Design-Build Contractors in the SouthOnce you have narrowed down your list, look at the reviews of each firm or company. This is a key way to begin identifying the best design-build contractors in the south. Read the reviews carefully and obtain reviews from multiple sources. This will not only give you an idea of customer satisfaction with the company but will also give insight into how the company operates. Through reviews you will get an idea of how well the firm or individual communicates with their clients as well as how they handle any issues or unforeseen problems that may arise during the build. Longevity is another key factor in picking a design-build contractor. Look for a firm or individual who has been managing their business under the same name for a number of years. This will help ensure that they are not operating under bad business practices. It will also give peace of mind that the company does right by their customers and has a large portfolio and a bevy of projects under their belt. Essentially, you will want to look for a company that has been around for decades. Project capabilities, reviews, and longevity are three great ways to start identifying the best design-build contractors in the south. Design-build construction is oftentimes the best way to streamline a project and can save you time and money in the long run. With just one contractor to interface with for the duration of the project, you will be partners, so use the above steps to help ensure you pick the right general contractor or firm for the job. Want to learn more on how this can help you? See examples of our design-build projects.