How Technology Helps Your Construction Project: Connected Construction

Being connected in today’s world means that technology is a part of our everyday lives. Even if your primary job isn’t on a computer, you work with one often to communicate with colleagues, customers, and even potential vendors for your business. Social media and phones connect us with family and friends when we can’t be there in person. Technology is our primary means of communication, and a large part of our shopping, research, and everything else is through the internet. 


How Technology Helps Your Construction ProjectConstruction is an area where we may not think much about a connection to technology. Most people think of hardhats, lumber, and tools rather than a phone or computer. However, if you find a construction company that uses technology, it can benefit you far more than you think.  Your contractor has to manage a wide range of people, equipment, and supplies. Multiple labor crews must work in sync to complete your construction project. Tools and equipment need to be accounted for, as well as construction materials, so everything and everyone is in the right place at the right time. While many construction managers still use spreadsheets, pen and paper, or traditional means of managing a project, that’s not the most efficient – or cost-effective – way to do that.  Connected construction means that your builder uses technology to manage all those pieces. Work processes are presented digitally, and so are inventory, labor, budgets, and everything else. 


The best part of connected construction isn’t what it means for your contractor; it does make the contractor’s job easier. What it means for you is that your renovation, rebuild, or ground up building project flows seamlessly. If one worksite is waiting for permits, the contractor can see that immediately and reallocate labor to another worksite so the work is completed more quickly. If your project is in danger of going over budget due to increasing lumber prices, your contractor can let you know quickly and work with you on ways to cut costs, keeping you from spending more than you have to on a project.  Connected construction may not affect you directly, but you reap the benefits. From a smoother project workflow to quicker ordering of your materials or even faster turnarounds on permitting, your building contractor can help you complete your project in a way that helps you get more of what you need when you need it.  Don’t be afraid to ask your contractor if they’re connected. Many construction companies are not, but Buildrite Construction has joined the world of technology because of what it means to our teams and our customers. It helps us keep you in the loop on your project’s progress and ensures that all of the moving pieces work together. In short, our choice to use technology through connected construction is for your benefit as well as ours. Want more? Read about Buildrite's commercial construction services.