Construction Industry Trends: What They Are and How They Affect You

Over the years, the construction industry has changed. Building codes are updated, new processes are created, and there are varying levels of available work. As of the last quarter of 2022, the trends in construction – including commercial construction – give us some insight into what we can expect both as contractors and consumers in the coming months. 


How Construction Industry Trends Affect YouManaging projects is becoming easier due to new technologies and more emphasis on remote work. While construction is a hands-on job that can’t be done remotely, the pandemic forced many companies to enhance employees’ ability to work outside of the office, and that has also impacted the construction industry. With new construction management software and mobile access, construction contractors can quickly view inventories, worker availability, and get in touch with vendors easily. This can help get your commercial renovation or full build completed more smoothly.  The less ideal aspect of COVID-19 is that the construction industry, like most others, still experiences worker shortages. Improved construction management has helped lessen the impact to a small degree. As the industry is able to recoup workers, new management software will make things run more smoothly over the coming months and years.


Many companies have tight budgets, especially now with material shortages and rising costs. While economists expect costs to relax in the near future, CEOs and accountants are stressing the need for cost-effective building. Modular and prefabricated buildings are better known in residential construction, but commercial buildings can be prefabricated as well. This type of building can help save money and time.  Green construction is also a growing trend. Sustainability is often a must for companies as they look for ways to lessen their carbon footprint. Green construction reduces waste, uses local building materials, and looks for renewable rather than nonrenewable materials.  Several other trends impact the construction industry, such as better technology to improve worker safety and more use of robotics in construction. You can rest assured the Buildrite Construction looks for any trends that can help us manage your construction projects more efficiently, and we watch out for trends that can negatively impact your project. We then take appropriate measures to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. Read more about Buildrite’s commercial construction services.