Retail Project: Drybar in Tyson’s Corner, VA

Recently, Buildrite completed a 9-week build-out for Drybar in Tyson’s Corner, VA. With a slogan of “No cuts. No color. Just blowouts”, Drybar is a nationally-recognized hair salon, specializing in professional blowouts. The “blow dry bar” has made a name for itself as a fun, stylish spot in high-end locations, and the sleek and modern design reflects its clientele. Buildrite had to take on the challenge of carrying the luxury design standards expected of Drybar over to a new location. Being in an older building, the Tyson’s Corner location had it’s share of holdups. Issues with outdated electrical and plumbing arose at one point and treacherous weather was a recurring problem. But, even with construction issues, Buildrite is happy to work with a sophisticated and innovative company like Drybar. And with two more locations opening this month, the partnership is only growing! Project Type: Retail Location: Tyson’s Corner, Virginia Size: 2,500 sqft. Project Duration: 9 Weeks Services: Preconstruction, demolition, complete build-out Vision: Expanding locations while continuing the same high-end design reflected in other all locations. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”9″ gal_title=”Drybar Salon”]   [blue-quote]