Design-Build Process Steps

The design-build process in construction today exists as an alternative to the traditional design-bid-build process, because construction firms (with in-house designers/architects) can offer the total package. This streamlines the total process and allows for greater communication and symmetry, since there is one vendor party to deal with as opposed to multiple. This also allows for multiple stages - design-build process steps - to happen simultaneously - whereas traditional design-bid-build method requires more timing between stages.

A first step in design-build process would be discovery and design. In this stage the designer/architect for the design-build team would be identified and discus with clients their needs and how best to achieve them. This would be similar to a traditional design-bid-build process except that in the later only an architect would be chosen (the contractor would be chosen later in the process stages).

A next step in the design-build process would be presenting preliminary designs and cost estimates to the client. This would be in contrast to the design-bid-build process stages where construction bidding would occur later - in this case only preliminary designs would be presented to the client.

After this, designs would achieve final approval and building permits would be obtained in the design-build process. In the traditional process stages, permits would not come until much later - only design completion occurs at this stage.

Design-Build Process StepsAt this point in design-build, the project is ready for construction from the design-builder. Yet in the design-bid-build process, the bid or estimation stage is only just now occurring.

Now the design-build team can complete their project with the client and ensure the client is fully satisfied and the terms of the contract have been met. However in the traditional process building permits are only now just being obtained.

While the design-build project has been completed, only now can a contractor be selected in the design-bid-build process stages.

Finally, in the traditional process construction can begin.

And the design-bid-build project can then be completed with the client’s final approval and satisfaction according to the terms of the contract.

As you can see the traditional design-bid-build process requires several additional stages that can not be overlapped as they can be in the design-build process - making the design-build process steps more efficient and timely.

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