Factors that Affect Light Industrial Construction Costs

Light industrial construction means a versatile building, and your commercial construction contractor can help you get what you need out of it. Even after buying property and obtaining a loan for your project, you’ll want to save where possible. Many factors affect the cost of any commercial construction project, so it’s important to know where you can be flexible. 

Watching the Budget in Light Industrial BuildingsCOSTS YOU CAN’T CHANGE

Many commercial light industrial costs are fixed, so there isn’t much you can do. For example, you can’t change the real estate values in your area. Government offices set the costs of permits, inspections, and fees, which are non-negotiable. Utility hookups are a cost if your property doesn’t already have them.  Depending on the site, you may need additional work done before the construction company lays the foundation. The location may require retaining walls, rock excavation, or other preparation. The per-hour cost of labor for commercial builders isn’t something you can change.  Before your contractor begins work, make sure you’ve budgeted for all of these costs. Buildrite Construction can help you estimate these costs, which can depend on the area or specific permits and zoning needed for the property. 


Many other costs depend on your choices, which you can change. Materials and fixtures are an area where you can adjust to stay within budget. This is where your commercial construction experts can help ensure that your decision doesn’t affect quality. You may be able to find a durable but less expensive flooring option, but using the wrong structural materials can lead to a collapsed building.  Labor is another cost to consider. While you can’t change the cost per hour, you may be able to reduce the number of hours. An elaborate design costs more to design and build. If you opt for something simpler, which is more common in light construction because of its versatility, your labor costs will be lower.  During every phase of a construction project, Buildrite Construction’s experts can help you reduce costs and stay in budget. Just contact us and let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll walk you through the options.