Identifying the Best Corporate Construction Companies

Corporate construction is different than residential building – and construction companies typically focus on one of the two. Corporate construction can include buildings such as office buildings, skyscrapers, corporate storage facilities, corporate warehousing, industrial construction and more. It can include installs, design and maintenance of structural and mechanical elements. It is often ground-up construction but can also include renovations such as office space. But how to identify the best corporate construction companies? One starting point could be to find a construction project you liked or feel went well. Identify the contractor who was used and if the client was happy with results. And longevity is important – how long has the building firm you are investigating been in business with the same name? History and a long list of projects can be invaluable and show off the quality of the corporate construction company’s work. There should also be customer referrals to review and follow up on. Ideally, you find a contractor who has been in business for decades and presents itself as reputable, with best business practices, treating its customers fairly. Corporate Construction CompaniesOn the other hand, negatives to be weary of could include: • Large rates for change orders, • Business licenses which expired or don’t involve projects such as yours • Lack of trade association memberships • Poor safety records • No, or very few, references • Hard to reach • Lack of communication • Confusing charges and services • No accountability The construction company should have a long list of projects and clients relevant to your niche industry for your project. The construction company should have a long list of specialists they work with. And the contractor’s portfolio should include buildings from start to finish. The portfolio should represent projects finished efficiently, within budget and with few unexpected challenges. The best construction companies have all the correct insurance, licensing and bonding as required by the state for the applicable project. And clients can request proof of insurance from the builder’s insurance company. It is also smart for building prospects to talk to former construction clients and read their reviews. Reviews and references can say a lot about how the builder operated in his business process. Was the contractor good to work with? Was the building within scope and budget? Was there good communication between the contractor and the client? Were customer questions answered well? Were there unexpected challenges? How were they dealt with? Answers to these issues tell a lot about the contractor – and the client projects as well. Use these tips to identify the best corporate construction companies for your project. Read more about what goes into commercial construction costs.