Construction Technology: Building Information Modeling

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, and that’s just as true for the commercial construction industry as any other. In addition to being connected to our clients and crews by phone, Buildrite Construction and other construction companies use many forms of technology to build or retrofit properties more easily and with smoother operation.  Did you know that an estimated 30% of construction industry costs are from incorrect building? That doesn’t mean that the contractor made mistakes when building the structure. Many times, the contractor starts a project, but the client finds that it wasn’t quite what they envisioned. There is a solution, however. 

What is Building Information Modeling?

Construction Technology - Building Information ModelingBuilding information modeling, or BIM, is a type of virtual design that allows commercial construction designers to “build” the entire structure – whether from the ground up or as a renovation – virtually. This cuts down on rework because both the architect and the customer can see exactly what will be built in a virtual model before the contractor even orders materials.  A form of virtual modeling or design is present in most industries. There are apps that let you see what a haircut will look like before you decide what style you want. You can also find an app that lets you upload a picture of a room and change the paint color, flooring type, or anything else. The same type of tool is available in the construction industry, letting us fully build out rooms and exteriors so that you can see a 3d model at an early stage in the process. All of these tools help you make decisions without spending extra money on rework later. 

How Does it Help You?

The most obvious benefit to BIM to you as a consumer is a reduction in the end cost. With a virtual model, you don’t have to wait until we complete construction to be sure you love your commercial renovation or franchise construction. There are other benefits, however.  BIM can help your commercial contractor maintain budgets. Construction companies that use BIM on more than 50% of projects typically see a 50% improvement in budget performance. When your commercial construction company can cut costs on your project, that means that we can better help you stay in your budget. Schedule performance is also improved. Many commercial contractors see a 60% improvement in schedule performance through using BIM. When our schedules are more organized and streamlined, your building project can be completed more quickly and with fewer delays.  Most people don’t see commercial construction as an area where technology is used often, but Buildrite Construction knows that software can help us. We are more efficient, more cost effective, and simply a better construction company through the use of technology. All of our efficiencies – whether because of technology or because we hire only the best people to work for us and you – can help ensure that you have the quality buildings you’ve come to expect from us. Read more about Buildrite's commercial construction services