Construction Spotlight

Since 1982 Buildrite has been helping our broad base of customers expand and update their business locations. Whether you need a brand new building built from the ground up, a conversion of a property from a previous occupant, or you need to rebrand, update and refresh current locations, Buildrite has the experience and capacity to bring your vision to fruition. On this page we spotlight a few projects that exemplify the work we have accomplished for our clients, and stand ready to do for you!

Retail Office Renovation Project: Vision Source
The project was a phased open-store renovation at the client’s busiest time of year. Working with the doctor and his team on a daily basis, we formulated a plan to section off the remodel to be done in 2 major phases which would allow the business to setup temporary waiting rooms and exam rooms. This would allow them to have a sense of normalcy while their space was being completely made over, and helped them maintain the Covid protocols with customers during the duration of the project.

Project Type: Optometry Office Renovation
Size of the Project: 4975 sq ft
Space: Outparcel Retail Building
Services: Demolition, framing, drywall, new ceilings, interior painting paneling, wood trim, new flooring, electrical, HVAC and new fixture package.
Vision: Phased renovation of an existing office to a new design concept while keeping the office open daily throughout a busy end-of-year time for the client.

Corporate Office Space Project: Charles Schwab- Huntersville, NC
Turning a family restaurant into an office space is no easy feat. That was the challenge presented to Buildrite when taking on the Charles Schwab remodeling project in Huntersville, NC. The task was to transform a freestanding Taco Mac restaurant into a Class A office space.

The project included demolition, installations and some stone and wood paneling. The porch, used for dining tables, was turned into a landscaping area. While the project was a larger scale at 7300 sq ft, the office space was coming together smoothly. However, the job was complicated by the space’s former interior use, particularly what used to be the kitchen. Due to the drainage system of the kitchen, the slab was uneven. Because of this, Buildrite had to make sure that the ground was level across the entire space. Despite the challenges, Buildrite successfully completed the Charles Schwab project in 14 weeks nonstop.

Project Type: Corporate Office Space
Size of the Project: 7300 sq ft
Project Duration: 14 weeks
Space: Class A interior office space
Services: Demolition, interior and exterior painting and remodeling, paneling, framing, drywall, new ceilings, electrical, HVAC, new plumbing installation, sprinklers and security system.
Vision: Complete remodeling of the entire building from a restaurant to an office workspace.

Big-Box Retail Store: DSW – Designer Shoe Warehouse – Marietta, GA
Buildrite Construction completed building DSW’s shoe store location at Merchant’s Walk shopping center just north of Atlanta, Georgia, between Marietta and Roswell. Buildrite built the “white box” or “shell” for the property landlord, preparing it for DSW to finish. This shell included a new storefront entrance, rear loading dock, new sprinkler and fire alarm, new electrical service, new HVAC (5 new RTUs with a total of 40 tons) and back-of-house restrooms, offices and stockroom.

Buildrite had a very tight timeline to deliver for DSW’s store opening and Buildrite met the schedule with time to spare. The storefront was the biggest challenge since it spans 60’. The store opening is supported by seven structural steel columns and a horizontal beam. The building required all new structural steel set from the inside. Additional challenges for the project included the front of the building being open for five weeks during winter construction, requiring large propane heaters running to keep pipes from freezing and bursting.

Project Type: Retail Store (Big-Box Retail Shell)
Size of the Project: 14,543 SF
Space: Big Box Retail Shell
Services: Big Box Retail Shell including new loading dock, dock lift, rolling door, masonry, brick, structural steel, millwork, roof and parapet, storefront and vestibule, HVAC (5 new RTUs and a total of 40 tons), new electrical service, switchgear, lighting, devices, new stand alone fire alarm system, new fire system with dedicated riser and back-of-house restrooms, offices and stockroom.
Vision: Complete Big Box Retail Shell for Tenant

Retail Store Project: Weight Watchers
When WW Studio (formerly Weight Watchers) reached out in September 2019 and floated the idea of rebranding numerous stores in the southeast, and having them all open before year’s end, we jumped at the opportunity. We have a team that specializes in large scale, high volume, nationwide rebranding programs with a decade’s long record of success.

Construction at 10 stores started on 10/21 and all were complete on, or before the 12/13 deadline. Existing Weight Watchers stores underwent a dramatic change in a relatively short period of time, including: removal of all existing finishes, new walls constructed, entire stores painted, new flooring and wall tile laid, new electrical and low voltage wired, and new GC supplied millwork and fixture packages installed. Buildrite’s locations were open and operating (as planned) to allow the client to take advantage of their busiest enrollment period.

Project Type: Retail Store, typically located in shopping centers with anchor tenants such as Publix or Kroger.
Size of the Project: Lease spaces ranged from 1500 to 2500 SF per location.
Space: Existing Weight Watchers stores remodeled to meet the new WW Studio brand/look.
Services: Demo, partition construction, electrical, low voltage, flooring, wall tile, paint, GC supplied millwork, and GC supplied fixtures.
Vision: WW Studio will eventually rebrand all their locations to be in compliance with the new look, and Buildrite will be there to help them meet that goal until the last store is complete.