What You Should Know About Construction for Your Franchise

A franchise can be an excellent business opportunity because you can use a trusted brand to build your own business. When it comes to commercial real estate, however, many franchisors have requirements for the location, layout, and additional details. This gives you a little less flexibility, so you need to hire a construction company that knows how to meet the needs of your specific business. 

Construction for Your FranchiseREADING THE PLANS

One of the great things about owning a franchise store is that you have fewer decisions to make. The franchisor provides a proven business model as well as floor plans, signing and fixture specifications, and much more to rollout to the individual franchisee level. This major advantage can also be a little frustrating, as the franchisor might inspect your commercial property and require changes to meet the original specifications. Reading the blueprints correctly and an accurate build are imperative to your project, since correcting mistakes can affect your franchise construction costs.


The commercial construction company you choose needs to be skilled in building, but they should also be familiar with franchise requirements. An architect who reviews your building plans may have some excellent ideas on how to lower costs or provide better aesthetics for your future customers. However, those ideas may not fit your franchisor’s plans. Look for a construction company that specializes in franchise construction. Experienced franchise builders like Buildrite can quickly determine from your franchise agreement and documents how you may be able to stick to your budget or what you may be able to slightly change in the layout to provide better service – without deviating from the brand’s requirements.  A franchise construction specialist can make the entire rollout process more efficient, less costly, and an exciting process from start to finish. At Buildrite, our goal is to give you the commercial space you need without frustration. Your new franchise is an amazing opportunity for growth. Buildrite can help you start strong with seamless construction! Want more? Read about Buildrite’s roll out construction services.