Itemizing commercial project bids

Commercial construction projects are comprised of a variety of materials, labor, and planning costs. When opening bidding for a commercial project, be sure to ask for an itemized bid. This provides documentation and details what is included in the cost of the bid, helps set a realistic construction schedule, and protects both parties engaged in the construction project.

Avoid wasting time and money by starting with an itemized bid.

Some projects only require a bottom line bid; a total estimated cost for materials, labor and time. But bids come in at different costs, and before getting excited over the lowest offer, request an itemized commercial project bid to make sure the offer isn’t “too good to be true.” The itemized bid should have a list of exclusions, in addition to confirming the amount of materials, equipment, and estimated labor costs. An itemized bid details where the money is going, and is based on real costs. commercial project bidA good itemized bid will include quotes along with expiration dates. While it might feel like the process is just starting, and that there is plenty of time for certain details to be finalized, a good contractor will provide this material information upfront. In addition to saving money by purchasing items before quotes expire, the project schedule can be built based on the necessary lead time to procure materials. The commercial project bid process is another step made easier by using design build. A design build construction proposal includes both the cost of the design, and the actual construction. Design build also offers a single contract, and a single point of contact, which can reduce project delivery time and provide continuity between designers and contractors to make the commercial project run more efficiently. Construction contracts are created to protect both the builder and the customer for a specified building job. These contracts also serve as legal documents that outline the specific amount of compensation for the job. The inclusion of an itemized bid ensures the customer that they will receive the materials and quality agreed upon, along with estimated labor costs. The itemized bid protects the builder as a binding agreement for payment from the customer. Are you seeking a commercial construction project bid? Please contact us.