Commercial Construction

Building Relationships & Reputation In the Commercial Construction Industry.




Buildrite provides commercial construction services for organizations in a wide variety of industries. We are experts in the following fields:

Airport Service

Corporate Office Space


Light Industrial



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How To Choose A Commercial Contractor

Finding the right commercial contractor means saving time and money, and getting exactly what you need. Here are a few main things you should keep in mind during your search.

Record and reputation

In addition to a contractor’s portfolio, their work ethic is highly important. Have they had any safety issues in the past? Do they communicate effectively? Are they easy to work with?

Skills and certifications

What skills or specialty certifications do they have? Do they have a general contracting license?

The right price

While the promise of a low project cost can be tempting, remember – you get what you pay for. Make sure you take a closer look so you know exactly what the bid covers.

Why Choose Buildrite Construction?

There are a lot of commercial contruction companies out there, but there is no one quite like Buildrite. Why do our clients choose us (again and again)?