What Makes a Good Commercial Construction Company

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that offer commercial construction services across the United States. These companies vary in all aspects of price points and building specialties. Of course, not all commercial construction contractors are created equal. Before you can decide which business or firm you should work with, it’s important to know what makes a good commercial construction company. When choosing the right firm for the job, it is important that they have a background in your specific project type. For commercial construction this can include, schools, airports, corporate offices, hospitality, industrial spaces, or restaurants. Reputable companies should be familiar with the requirements needed to execute any project including design, permits, building codes, and zoning. There are several different characteristics that can make a good commercial construction company stand out from the rest. These include:

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Licensing
  • Communication Skills
  • Reputation

Construction Companies with Knowledge and Experience

Knowledge is an essential part of what makes a good commercial construction company. Their expertise should be well-rounded, including each aspect of commercial builds. The business should have the ability to take the project from start to finish, addressing any issues that may happen along the way. Before breaking ground, they will need the know-how to create a bid. A comprehensive bid includes scope, costs, materials, and a well-planned, executable timeline. The company should be able to thoroughly explain the estimate to you, as well as answer any questions relating to the bid or project as a whole. commercial construction companyExperience should also play a key factor in your decision. Pick a longstanding business with decades of well-executed projects. A firm with an extensive background will have insight into the codes, rules, and regulations of potential building areas and sites. The company should have comprehensive knowledge and practical application in a variety of building specialties, and be in good-standing with their past customers. To determine this, you will want to do some research. A great place to start is by checking a company’s CBRE Contractor Score.  

Construction Licensing

Proper licensing is another important element to ensure that the commercial construction company can complete the job to the satisfaction of the governing authorities and agencies in your area. Proper licensing means that the business should have at the minimum all of the licenses, bonding, and insurance required by the state and/or local authorities. As oftentimes a commercial project may cross several states, ensure that the company has proper licensing for each locale. You can also request insurance verification directly from their insurance provider. Be sure to check the coverage thoroughly, as each firm’s policy can differ greatly.

Communication Skills

Another important aspect of what makes a good commercial construction company is excellent communication skills. For the duration of the build, they will essentially be your business partner. So, it is important that the firm be able to translate the vision, and explain the project methodically, walking you through the project step-by-step. Commercial construction companies with exceptional communication skills respond to inquiries in a timely manner and answer any questions to the client’s satisfaction before, during, and after the project completion.

Company Reputation

Lastly, a good commercial construction company will have a strong track record and solid reputation. Ask for documentation from past builds and customer testimonials. These testimonials give insight into how the business works with their clients as well as how they manage projects. Look for comments about responsiveness, professionalism, cleanliness, safety, and timeliness. Through reviews, you will get an excellent sense of what a company does well, or where it may falter. Knowledge and experience, licensing, communication, and reputation are characteristics of what make a good commercial construction company. Each of these factors is vital for the completion of any commercial construction build. Give yourself plenty of time to pick the right partner, starting your research early. Choose a firm that has longevity and exceeds minimum government requirements. Make sure their reputation is exemplary and they have the knowledge and experience needed to complete a project on time and in scope. This will ensure the success of your commercial build. Want to learn more about the commercial services a great construction firm provides? See BuildRite’s commercial construction services on this website.