A Commercial Building Renovation Checklist

When planning a renovation for a building such as an office, it’s helpful to have a commercial building renovation checklist. Here are some items to be sure to cover when planning a renovation.

A Commercial Building Renovation ChecklistIdentify objectives and budget for the renovation: To plan objectives, it can be helpful to involve those who the project will effect, such as tenants or employees. It’s good to document the main reasons behind the renovation, list the improvements wanted and nail down a budget.

Contractor selection: There are important points to consider when selecting a contractor for a commercial building renovation project. Pick a contractor with whom it’s easy to communicate, and who is going to represent quality more than low cost. A good way to do this is to get proposals from multiple construction companies and ask questions, such as identifying payment schedule options and the contractor’s references. Inquire if the contractor provides any warranties for their work, and about potential contingencies such as change orders. Of course you want to ensure the contractor is licensed in the location of the renovation project and can obtain building permits. And look at examples of the construction company’s previous work.

Know the location: There may be issues you don’t know about the property, such as building code violations, zoning issues, structural challenges and others that could effect the building process. Your contractor can help you identify these issues. Also keep in mind that older buildings may need more upgrades for accessibility codes. You also should ensure the property is insurable during the renovation.

Identify roles and responsibilities in the process: There are multiple roles in a construction project, and you may or may not be using or interacting with all of them. There is the architect, the construction project manager, the tenant and landlord, inspectors and others. You want to ensure people are in the know of what they’re doing when - such as applying for permits, approving design, approving any changes, watching for any potential delays, etc.

Clarify the contract: The building contract should be clear about aforementioned roles, payment terms, any future potential change orders, warranties, and start and end dates for the project.

When planning a renovation project for a building such as an office, it’s helpful to have a commercial building renovation checklist. This can cover items such as identifying objectives and budget for the renovation, selecting the contractor, knowing the location, identifying roles and responsibilities in the process, and clarifying the contract.

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