Choosing an Office Space Contractor

Choosing an office space contractor to build or rebuild your work facilities can be a daunting procedure. It can be beneficial to list the steps in advance to identify what’s most important in the process.

Here are some initial activities you should list out, look for or perform:

Choosing an Office Space Contractor
  • Write out your nice-to-have, and must-have, timelines.
  • Nail down your budget.
  • Identify if you need your office space renovated or built from scratch.
  • If renovated, will the previous space be a “white box”? (A white box is construction space which has walls, floors and other aspects ready for tenant finishing).
  • Use industry terminology, such as if you need a fit out (renovation from a pre-existing white box) or a roll out (rebranded roll out as part of multiple locations, such as for franchises).
  • Identify if you wish to use a 3rd party architect, or a construction company with in-house design-build services.
  • List potential contractors for the work.
  • Narrow down to a construction company who has performed similar work before.
  • Identify scope of project and the size of the office to seek contractors with similar work history.
  • Ask for referrals from local landlords.
  • Isolate contractors with a long history of work and client referrals.
  • See if there are opportunities to talk to the contractors’ former clients.
  • Ask questions to get responses from contractors to identify if they give you the runaround or give direct, professional answers.
  • Make sure the contractor is insured.
  • Identify a construction company who is able to get the required local permits.
  • Ensure the contractor is licensed in the location of your building project.
  • Discuss timelines with the construction company to ensure they are confident to meet your deadlines.

The planning process for choosing an office space contractor can seem overwhelming - therefore make sure you break out the process steps and identify the most important stages, as above. They will lead you to the best choice for going forward with your project. 

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